Sunday, November 30, 2014

november 2014 recap.

November 2014 recap...

We started the month off with a bang by celebrating Lachlan's 2nd birthday!
(full story here)


On his actual birthday (the 3rd) he had a little celebration with his friends at school.


I started to wean Spencer off the swaddle one nap at a time.


And kept myself very busy with two little boys!


Lachlan became even more obsessed with motorbikes when he was given four Moto movies for his birthday. I tried to put on Sesame Street and he kept asking for "motobike... motobike!" instead.

Lachlan spent the whole month playing with all of his birthday presents.


My sweet Grandparents :)


It took Lachlan a few weeks to get use to Spencer being around, but I was (and still am) shocked at how much they really do love each other. Cutest. Thing. Ever.


Lachlan chowing down on a cupcake at Jorja's first birthday party.


The whole family at our friend's Bogan (kind of like White Trash) Surprise Birthday Party. Fake tattoos, flannel shirts, big hair...


This month as been super hot so we spent a couple of Sundays at the beach out on Bribie Island playing with our pet Kangaroo. You can't tell in this picture, but that Kangaroo was at least 6 feet tall! Biggest one I have ever seen in the wild and we couldn't believe how close it came to us.


Passed out with a lap full of crackers equals a perfect day in the world of a toddler.


We have the tallest two year old and he decides to sleep sideways in his bed. Clearly we are going to put off the "big boy bed" as long as possible with this crazy sleeper!


This month I also ran my car into the front of our house. Good times. We were all completely fine... just a bit of a bruised ego on my part. Sleep deprivation is a real thing friends!


So many of our little friends have turned two recently and we have had a great time at lots of birthday parties. Here is Lachlan playing in the slip-n-slide at Madden and Nate's party.


My morning view - tiny baby feet and a tiny baby butt. Doesn't get much better than this!


My little sleeping beauty!


I gave Lachlan his first (and only) taste of Nutella and he LOVED it. I became so obsessed with Nutella this month that I literally had to throw away the jar because I was eating it by the spoonful.


We celebrated Thanksgiving by wearing this bib. No turkey. No family gathering. No day off work. Just a bib.


Rounding out November with a Sunday drive and this is where we ended up. Not bad if you ask me!


Next month- CHRISTMAS!!! Can you believe it?!?!

Friday, November 21, 2014

spencer james // four months.


Found his feet last month // Still throwing up alllllll the time // Chatterbox // Loves standing up // Rolling over occasionally // Trying really hard to sit up out of this swing // Chewing on his hands

Sunday, November 9, 2014

daddy's little helper.

I couldn't tell you what these boys were actually working on, but know it had something to do with the Land Cruiser and a lot of grease!

9 November 2014- Grease Face002

9 November 2014- Grease Face005

9 November 2014- Grease Face011

9 November 2014- Grease Face008

9 November 2014- Grease Face010

Monday, November 3, 2014

lachlan turns two.

Lachlan's actual birthday fell on a Monday so I decided to dress him in his birthday shirt and send some leftover cupcakes with him to school to celebrate with his friends. His teacher took some pictures for me and said He LOVED it!

3 November 2014- School Birthday Party005

Cupcakes. The Happy Birthday Song. Being the centre of attention. Wearing a shiny hat.... I mean, Monday doesn't get much better than that in the world of a two year old :)

3 November 2014- School Birthday Party006

Our little Bubba,

I am sure we will say this every single year, but it is unbelievable to think that just two short years ago we were living a life without you in it! This year we have seen you grow into your own little person. You are still very much a daddy's boy and in love with all things outside. You are getting very good at playing on your own and have started to use your imagination while you play. It is so fun to see the world through your eyes! While we can't always understand what you are saying, you are constantly talking to us; telling us stories and what you want.

This year you became a big brother. It took you a few weeks for you to fully understand that your little brother was here to stay, but once you did, you fell in love! You don't really have a favourite food but love to drink water and milk. Your favourite toys are your little plastic bike, any kind of toy cars and motorbikes! Playing with motorbikes, reading magazines about motorbikes, riding on motorbikes, sitting on motorbikes, helping your dad and big brother work on the motorbikes, matching movies about motorbikes, pointing out every motorbike we walk or drive past... and it goes on and on.

We are so excited (and a bit nervous) about what this next year has in store for you and your growing mind. We absolutely love you to bits and could not imagine our world without you!

Love you always and forever,
Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, November 1, 2014

lachlan's second birthday party.

This year we decided to throw Lachlan a race car themed 2nd birthday party, and I have to say, it was a big success!

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I didn't get very many pictures of the party guests or all of the decorations once everyone arrived (as usual) but I think everyone had a great time. For everyone who couldn't be there to celebrate with us, I hope you enjoy the picture recap!

(details on party decor, etc listed at the bottom on this post)
2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party044

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party001

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party003

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party048

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party005

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party046

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party006

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party007

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party008

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party045

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party011

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party047

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party014

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party023

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party024

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party027

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party028

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party029

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party031

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party032

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party033

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party049

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party034

2 November 2014- Lachlan's 2nd Birthday Party050

Invitations // Yellow Lily Design Studio
Matching Paper Decor // Yellow Lily Design Studio
Cupcakes // Fancy Pants Custom Cakes
Birthday Shirt // BUniqueDeZigns

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