Saturday, October 4, 2014

one weekend. two weddings.

We had two Australian weddings to attend this year and wouldn't you know... they both landed on the same weekend! What are the chances!? Lucky for us, they were on different days and we were able to make it to both (thanks to my mom staying with us through this weekend and helping look after the boys!!).

On Friday, 3 October we headed down to the Gold Coast for the beautiful island wedding of Steven and Kirstie.

Photography by Andrea Thompson Photography

The weather was perfect and the island was gorgeous!! Not to mention the beautiful bride and groom... geeze!

Photography by Andrea Thompson Photography

We left Mom and Lachlan back in Brisbane and stayed down at the Gold Coast for the night.

4 October 2014- Wedding Weekend004

And I have to say, we had the most handsome date :)

4 October 2014- Wedding Weekend005

The next morning we got up early and headed back to Brisbane to pick up Mom and Lachlan, then straight north to Noosa for one of my best friend's wedding. We had a brief scare on the way up there when we ran into THE. WORST. TRAFFIC. on the highway. We made it just in time to checkin, get changed and race to the ceremony location.

So, so thankful we didn't miss this...

Photography by Sweet Hope Photography

It was another gorgeous day and another amazingly beautiful couple!

Photography by Sweet Hope Photography

I don't usually cry at weddings, but this one had me in tears the whole entire time. Sarah is such a sweet, loving, kind and beautiful friend of mine and I was just so happy to see her so happy!

4 October 2014- Wedding Weekend001

Me and my hot date :)

Picture taken by Finer Details Photography

We decided to rent a three bedroom apartment just down the road from the reception location where mom kept the boys while we attended the wedding and reception. It was close enough that I could go back quickly to feed Spencer between his naps but we could still enjoy an adult only evening sans children.

4 October 2014- Wedding Weekend003

We spent the rest of the weekend up at Noosa and had a nice relaxing time walking along the river and beach (sorry- didn't get any pictures of this). Our first weekend away with both the kids! We were sure thankful to have mom there with us to lend a very helping hand!!

In the craziness of packing for two weddings in two different locations with five people, we forgot to bring toys for Lachlan. Luckily this apartment had some (oh so fun, but nonbreakable) place mats to entertain Lachlan... for five minutes that is, haha.

4 October 2014- Wedding Weekend002

It was a crazy, hectic but fantastic weekend celebrating two lovely couples! It was also a perfect way to end mom's six week stint at the crazy de Baugy house.

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