Sunday, October 26, 2014

lachlan's raceway.

We are throwing a Race Car themed party next weekend and I had my heart set on making him this race car track I saw on Pinterest a month or two ago.

I had a little brain storming session with my Dad while he was here and we came up with the design using a few random wood scraps we already had laying around here along with a few items from the hardware store.

I started with a long rectangular piece of wood that we already had, and painted it black.

26 October 2014- Race Track001

Then I painted the smaller, skinny strips red and cut them to the right length using a hand saw.

26 October 2014- Race Track002

I used a scrap piece of wood to determine the width of each lane and started nailing them down, from the centre out.

26 October 2014- Race Track003

I was going to pre-drill some holes in the small strips of wood to prevent them from splitting, but found these tiny pin nails worked fine without pre-drilling.

26 October 2014- Race Track004

I measured the height that I wanted one end of the track to sit at and got Max to cut another piece of scrap wood to the right size.

26 October 2014- Race Track005

We attached the smaller piece of wood to one end of the track with two hinges so that we could fold it flat for easy storage. I had planned on adding some numbers to the lanes but got busy and forgot. Oops.

26 October 2014- Race Track006

I was happy with the end product and know that Lachlan will have a great time using it at his party and all summer long!

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