Tuesday, September 30, 2014

september 2014 recap.

Quick recap of the month...

Spencer took his first boat ride on the Brisbane River.


South Bank with Mimi and King.


Baby boy turned 6 weeks old!


6.5 weeks and his eyes are still looking blue... Blue eyed boy maybe??


Taking a nap with Mimi is the best.


Sweet baby boy.


Attempting to catch some smiles on camera.


Morning cuddles.


I turned 31 and decided I should start a list of 40 things to do before 40. So far the only thing on the list is to have all children in house sleeping through the night. I guess you can tell where my mind is these days!


Lachlan just loves Spencer, but poor Spency isn't so sure...


All he wants in the morning is to sit on your lap and drink his milk. Love having such a cuddly kid!


Lachlan selfie.


And we wonder why Lachlan is obsessed.


He is loving having all the baby toys out again. He somehow got himself in this jumper and thought it was the coolest thing ever, haha.


Holding hands and blanket sharing.


Spencer and Lachlan at about the same age.


And that is was September friends!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

[australian] father's day.

Fun fact: Mother's Day is celebrated on the same day in both Australia and America but Father's Day isn't!

Unfortunately we weren't able to see Byron on Father's day this year but it was pretty cool that MY dad was here to celebrate the Australian holiday with us.

7 September 2014- Father's Day001

Max started the day with a boys trip to the racetrack (Lakeside Raceway) with Lachlan and Dad. This is a place that Max and Lachlan go allll the time but I have never gotten any pictures of it before because I have never been with them. I was really glad that Dad was able to snap a few pictures of Max and Lachlan doing what they do best :)

7 September 2014- Father's Day004

That afternoon we ventured out for an unplanned Father's Day lunch and were happily surprised to get a table at a nice waterfront pub where we enjoyed a nice big lunch and some old beers!

7 September 2014- Father's Day005

7 September 2014- Father's Day008

This kid looooves his Mimi!

7 September 2014- Father's Day012

7 September 2014- Father's Day013

7 September 2014- Father's Day014

Monday, September 1, 2014

city cat with mom and dad.

One day during the week while Max was working and Lachlan was a school, I took Mom and Dad to the city for day on the Brisbane River. A few years ago (when I was first pregnant with Lachlan actually!) I took mom for a day on the City Cat and knew it was something I really wanted to do again the next time my Dad was here.

1 September 2014- City Cat001

The day started off at South Bank with some cool breezes and grey skies but quickly warmed up as the sun came.

1 September 2014- City Cat002

1 September 2014- City Cat003

Mom and Dad on the Brisbane River.

1 September 2014- City Cat004

Storey Bridge.

1 September 2014- City Cat005

This is what a City Cat (water taxi) looks like...

1 September 2014- City Cat008

1 September 2014- City Cat012

1 September 2014- City Cat009

1 September 2014- City Cat010

1 September 2014- City Cat011

It was a great day!

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