Saturday, August 23, 2014

mimi and king with the boys.

Exactly four weeks after Spencer arrived, my mom's flight landed here in Brisbane. Just a few days later, Dad was here too! Just as we did with Lachlan, we planned to have a few weeks at home with the boys on our own before helped arrived. With Spencer coming a week early, that left us with four whole weeks... and we all know how that went!

Here are a random collection of photos of Mimi and King hanging out with the boys :)

(You might notice Lachlan is still a bit sick in these pictures, hence the frown and pacifier in nearly every picture...)
August 2014- Mimi and King001

29 August 2014- backyard play001

29 August 2014- backyard play008

29 August 2014- backyard play011

29 August 2014- backyard play013_edited-1

August 2014- Mimi and King002

2 September 2014- Park002

2 September 2014- Park003

August 2014- Mimi and King003

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