Thursday, July 24, 2014

brothers meet.

For a variety of different reasons, we decided not to bring Lachlan up to the hospital while Spencer and I were there and waited until we got home to introduce the boys. It was the longest I have ever been away from Lachlan and I was missing that little face like whoa! When he walked into the house and saw me sitting there, I could tell he missed me just as much :)

The meeting was just as I expected. Excited - Curious - Jealous - Tears. All within about 60 seconds. I was sooo glad I had saved his "big brother" present for that moment and brought it out just in time to hand Spencer off to Max and stop the tears.

24 July 2014- brothers meet001

24 July 2014- brothers meet002

He was so excited about his first motorbike toy that he completely forgot about being jealous of the new little person in his mommy's lap. Mom for the win!!

24 July 2014- brothers meet003

And before I knew it, he was curious again... only this time he was calm and ready to meet his baby brother.

24 July 2014- brothers meet004

24 July 2014- brothers meet005

He even tried to share his new toy with Spencer.

24 July 2014- brothers meet006

It was adorable!

24 July 2014- brothers meet007

It turned out to be the perfect way to introduce the boys. And now for surviving the next four weeks before my mom gets here!!

24 July 2014- brothers meet008

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