Thursday, July 31, 2014

july 2014 recap.

July Review...

This little boy is going to become a big brother this month and has nooooo idea.

Daddy time at the end of the day.

Helping out with the cleaning... kind of.

We made it to Isaac's 1st birthday pirate party!

Bath time fun.

Helping his momma work.

Baking cookies and washing dishes.

The fruits of our labor. Yum-o!

And of course the biggest new of the month (and year!). The arrival of Spencer James!!!

Spencer and his daddy.

The newest addition to the de Baugy clan.

We celebrated his due date one week after he arrived.


The cutest little thing I ever did see!! xoxo

Yep- July was a good, good month!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

brothers meet.

For a variety of different reasons, we decided not to bring Lachlan up to the hospital while Spencer and I were there and waited until we got home to introduce the boys. It was the longest I have ever been away from Lachlan and I was missing that little face like whoa! When he walked into the house and saw me sitting there, I could tell he missed me just as much :)

The meeting was just as I expected. Excited - Curious - Jealous - Tears. All within about 60 seconds. I was sooo glad I had saved his "big brother" present for that moment and brought it out just in time to hand Spencer off to Max and stop the tears.

24 July 2014- brothers meet001

24 July 2014- brothers meet002

He was so excited about his first motorbike toy that he completely forgot about being jealous of the new little person in his mommy's lap. Mom for the win!!

24 July 2014- brothers meet003

And before I knew it, he was curious again... only this time he was calm and ready to meet his baby brother.

24 July 2014- brothers meet004

24 July 2014- brothers meet005

He even tried to share his new toy with Spencer.

24 July 2014- brothers meet006

It was adorable!

24 July 2014- brothers meet007

It turned out to be the perfect way to introduce the boys. And now for surviving the next four weeks before my mom gets here!!

24 July 2014- brothers meet008

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


D22... the room where Spencer lived out his first few days of life.

23 July 2014- hospital stay007

23 July 2014- hospital stay024

23 July 2014- hospital stay023

23 July 2014- hospital stay005

{I just LOVE this little screaming picture!! I think I can still hear that little newborn cry and it makes me smile from ear to ear}
23 July 2014- hospital stay006

23 July 2014- hospital stay025

23 July 2014- hospital stay001

23 July 2014- hospital stay026

23 July 2014- hospital stay010

23 July 2014- hospital stay009

23 July 2014- hospital stay003

He looks so tinny tiny in that car seat. So hard to believe that we were taking this exact same trip with Lachlan just 21 month ago.

23 July 2014- hospital stay027

All loaded up for the 10 minute drive back home to this big brother who I missed soooooo much while in the hospital!

23 July 2014- hospital stay016

Monday, July 21, 2014

spencer james- a birth story.


Exactly one week before his due date, Spencer James entered the world on Monday, the 21st of July 2014 - Seven pounds and fourteen ounces of pure baby boy joy.

Four hours at the hospital and twelve minutes of pushing, Spencer was placed in my arms and I became a momma again. Of course, the birth wasn't without a few little hiccups, but it was quick and relatively pleasant, as far as giving birth to a baby goes!

We arrived at the hospital at 7:30pm after calming putting Lachlan to bed and calling a friend to come stay with him. After a quick check to ensure I was actually in labour (of course I knew I was in labour!) the contractions increased and the crazy journey of birthing a baby began.

Just like with Lachlan, my contractions came on hard and fast. Two jabs later, my epidural was in and my water was broken. The doctor assured me it was going to be hours before delivery because of the epidural slowing down the process, to which I laughed, knowing he was very, very wrong.

21 July 2014- Spencer Birth001

After a little scare with a quick decline in my blood pressure (picture all monitors going crazy, me turning some weird shades of white and green, doctors rushing in, oxygen, fluids... the whole shebang!), we were on our way.

(picture of me after I was stable again... it all happened sooo fast!)
21 July 2014- Spencer Birth002

Because I had the best epidural ever, I was able to feel everything (pressure, some pain, etc) so I knew exactly when Spencer was completely engaged and ready to go. I called in the midwife, who did a quick check and immediately called the doctor. Twelve minutes of pushing and Spencer was in our arms!

21 July 2014- Spencer Birth003

21 months later, at the exact same hospital, in the exactly same room, with exactly the same doctor, I became a mother again. Even though it happened even faster than with Lachlan (which I didn't think was possible, btw) it was much less stressful and scary than the first time. I guess that is just like everything in motherhood though. It doesn't get any easier, you just get a bit better at it and more comfortable with the uncomfortable :)

Welcome to the world Baby Brother. We are so, so happy to have you here with us!!!! xoxoxo

(Lachlan's birth story can be found here)

i grew another person!

A pregnancy time lapse for our newest addition!!

And if you missed Lachlan's time lapse from nearly two years ago (what?!?!? TWO YEARS already!!) you can check it out here!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

last visit to the beach.

Being that I was nearly 39 weeks pregnant and had already been to the hospital twice with early contractions, we knew we should probably lay low and stay in close proximity to the hospital. However, a beautiful, warm Saturday beckoned us to the beach for one last outing with baby brother on the inside.

We hopped in the car with Lachlan's bike and Max's skate board and drove an hour up the coast for a beautiful afternoon walk along along the beach.

19 July 2014- beach day014

19 July 2014- beach day015

19 July 2014- beach day006

19 July 2014- beach day011

19 July 2014- beach day017

19 July 2014- beach day009

19 July 2014- beach day016

19 July 2014- beach day001

Two days later, baby brother was in our arms. Perfect timing for that last minute beach adventure if you ask me :)

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