Wednesday, April 30, 2014

april 2014 recap.

Unfortunately, April brought with it lots and lots of sickness. I even considered renaming April Sick Selfie Month because my phone was quickly filling up with pictures like these...


As soon as Lachlan would start to feel better, the fever would reappear and we would start all over again.


Even my car got sick this month, stranding me at work!


And as anyone with a sick child would know, sick children equal very little sleep.


I started decorating baby brother's room this month with the purchase of this chevron wool rug from Pottery Barn Kids.


Late in the month I ended up with a very, very bad case of gastroenteritis, leaving me useless for a few days.


Through all the sickness, baby brother still continued to thrive and grow :)


We spent the Easter long weekend camping at the Kenilworth Homestead (read about that here).


The Easter bunny brought Lachlan his first four matchbox cars which were a really, really big hit!


And of course, we spent as much time outside in the fresh air as often as we could.


Overall, it was a full month of feeling pretty crappy but we still managed to squeeze in some fun as well.

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