Friday, February 28, 2014

february 2014 review.

In February I finally sent out our Christmas Cards...

February 2014- instagram001

But as the card says... better late than never. Right?!


February brought with it A LOT of sleepless nights with a constantly sick little boy.

February 2014- instagram002

Poor little guy! Little did we know, this was the beginning of lots and lots... and lots of sickness.

February 2014- instagram003

I gave our mantel a bit of Valentine's Day flare.

February 2014- instagram004

And Lachlan became obsessed with keys!

February 2014- instagram005

Nothing like having your toddler throw up in your clean hair right before you are about to walk out the door for work.

February 2014- instagram006

February 2014- instagram007

Our third prescription for the month.

February 2014- instagram008

Baby brother started to really show in February.

February 2014- instagram009

We had lots and lots of morning cuddles :)

February 2014- instagram010

And when Lachlan didn't wake me up at 5am, Toby did.

February 2014- instagram011

Finally, Lachlan's favourite game this month was throwing anything he could get his hands on over the gate and down the stairs.

February 2014- instagram012

Yep, that just about sums up February 2014.

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