Friday, January 31, 2014

january 2014 recap.

I have been posting lots of everyday type pictures to Instagram (follow me @ourlifedownunda) and thought I might start a new, end of month Instagram update post to keep track of these little life events here on the blog.

Starting with this picture: Just a boy, his daddy and his stuffed dog, Ralphie!

January 2014- instagram photos001

Sleeping beauty with the most beautiful, long eye lashes.

January 2014- instagram photos002

I built Lachlan his first tent this month. And see the green exercise band with him in the tent?? Well, that was January's toy of the month. The kid carried it around with him everywhere :)

January 2014- instagram photos003

His first haircut sitting all by himself in the big boy chair. He was sooo serious the whole time.

January 2014- instagram photos004

Max took Lachlan out for the day (as he does almost every weekend) and this is the picture I received halfway through the day. Covered in dirt with a wrench in his mouth. Such a boy!

January 2014- instagram photos006

I started back to work three days a week this month and things always get interesting when you are trying to get ready with a small child in your bathroom with you.

January 2014- instagram photos007

Our baby turned into a super long big boy this month.

January 2014- instagram photos010

Playing in the bedsheets before work.

January 2014- instagram photos009

And finally, this month we made a very exciting announcement!!!!!

January 2014- instagram photos008

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