Friday, January 31, 2014

january 2014 recap.

I have been posting lots of everyday type pictures to Instagram (follow me @ourlifedownunda) and thought I might start a new, end of month Instagram update post to keep track of these little life events here on the blog.

Starting with this picture: Just a boy, his daddy and his stuffed dog, Ralphie!

January 2014- instagram photos001

Sleeping beauty with the most beautiful, long eye lashes.

January 2014- instagram photos002

I built Lachlan his first tent this month. And see the green exercise band with him in the tent?? Well, that was January's toy of the month. The kid carried it around with him everywhere :)

January 2014- instagram photos003

His first haircut sitting all by himself in the big boy chair. He was sooo serious the whole time.

January 2014- instagram photos004

Max took Lachlan out for the day (as he does almost every weekend) and this is the picture I received halfway through the day. Covered in dirt with a wrench in his mouth. Such a boy!

January 2014- instagram photos006

I started back to work three days a week this month and things always get interesting when you are trying to get ready with a small child in your bathroom with you.

January 2014- instagram photos007

Our baby turned into a super long big boy this month.

January 2014- instagram photos010

Playing in the bedsheets before work.

January 2014- instagram photos009

And finally, this month we made a very exciting announcement!!!!!

January 2014- instagram photos008

Friday, January 24, 2014

budding artist.

Some attempts at creativity in January and February. Take away lesson- takes 10 minutes to gather the supplies and 10 minutes to clean up... but entertains Lachlan for about 2 (give or take minute).

January 2014- morning art002

January 2014- morning art005

January 2014- morning art004

January 2014- morning art003

January 2014- morning art001

February 2014- morning art002

February 2014- morning art001

February 2014- morning art003

(Lachlan James- 14/15 months)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

the end of another year, fraser island style.

After flying home from Perth, we quickly unpacked, washed clothes and got ready for our New Year's Eve camping trip to Fraser Island (the biggest sand island in the world btw!).

Our friends, Mark and Alicia, flew in from Melbourne at the same time we arrived from Perth, so we all headed back to our house together for a much needed night of sleep before starting the quick turn around for our camping adventure!

It is about a two and a half hour drive to Inskip Point (where we have camped several times before) and then jumped on a ferry for a quick 20 minute ride over to Fraser Island.

Fraser Island here we come! #debaugychristmasvacation #lachlangram #fraserislandcamping

The ferry was a bit windy  #lachlangram #debaugychristmasvacation #fraserislandcamping

It is an all four wheel driving Island (no paved roads- only beach driving and really, really soft dirt tracks). Once we arrived on the island, we drove another hour and a half to the spot where all of our friends were already set up. The island about 124km long... so very, very big.

30 December 2013- Fraser Island005

We did lots and lots of fun things while we were camping- most of which I did not get pictures of because I was being lazy and had a pretty big case of the first trimester I-am-going-to-vomit-any-minute. But imagine lots of beautiful beaches, a fresh water creek, New Years Eve celebrations and lots of four wheel driving all over the island.

One of the day trips I did get pictures of was our drive to Platypus Bay. Enjoy :)

30 December 2013- Fraser Island001

30 December 2013- Fraser Island002

30 December 2013- Fraser Island003

30 December 2013- Fraser Island004

30 December 2013- Fraser Island006

Some of the group. Babies (youngest was 3 months). Kids. Friends.

30 December 2013- Fraser Island007

30 December 2013- Fraser Island008

30 December 2013- Fraser Island009

30 December 2013- Fraser Island010

30 December 2013- Fraser Island011

30 December 2013- Fraser Island012

30 December 2013- Fraser Island013

As soon as he had the chance, Lachlan would take off as fast as he could towards the ocean. The kid seriously thinks he can swim!

30 December 2013- Fraser Island014

30 December 2013- Fraser Island015

30 December 2013- Fraser Island017

30 December 2013- Fraser Island018

30 December 2013- Fraser Island019

30 December 2013- Fraser Island020

30 December 2013- Fraser Island021

There are two gas stations/shops on the island as well as a few resorts and rental houses for people who aren't the camping type. We like to stop at these places for a nice cool treat after a long day in the sun!

30 December 2013- Fraser Island022

30 December 2013- Fraser Island023

30 December 2013- Fraser Island024

Another day trip that I managed to get a few pictures of was our adventure to Lake McKenzie, a very large freshwater lake.

30 December 2013- Fraser Island025

30 December 2013- Fraser Island026

30 December 2013- Fraser Island027

It was soooo nice to cool off and WASH off after a few days of camping on the beach.

30 December 2013- Fraser Island028

30 December 2013- Fraser Island029

30 December 2013- Fraser Island030

30 December 2013- Fraser Island031

On our way back to camp we stopped at one of the fancy resorts for another ice cream and a look around where the REAL tourists stay.

30 December 2013- Fraser Island034

30 December 2013- Fraser Island032

30 December 2013- Fraser Island033

Another good adventure and a great way to welcome 2014!

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