Wednesday, December 25, 2013

christmas x 3.

(I forgot my memory card for my camera so please ignore the sad quality of these pictures...)

Last Christmas we had Nana and Poppy over from Perth for the holidays. I can't remember when it was decided, but at some point we made the decision that Christmas 2013 would be spent in Perth. It was Lachlan's first trip to Perth and the first time he was able to meet some of Max's side of the family (beside Nana and Poppy of course!).

We arrived in Perth a few days before Christmas and spent our first few nights with Max's childhood friend, Warren, and his family. We love spending time with Warren and Monica! They are two of the nicest people I think I have ever met. We were able to spend some time at their new house, swim in their new pool, explore their new neighbourhood and just visit. It was a great way to start our holiday!


After a few days on the north side of Perth, we headed south to Nana and Poppy's house. On our way down we got a chance to meet up with Elizabeth and her Aussie boyfriend, Gareth. She is also a Gulf Breeze girl who found her way over to Oz and is now living in Perth. Such a small, amazing world we live in!

After arriving a Nana and Poppy's, we got in touch with one of Max's older brothers, Mick, and arranged an afternoon visit to their place. They put together an amazing Christmas feast and we all sat around and caught up on life. Lachlan had a great time playing with his cousins and fishing in Uncle Mick and Auntie Jenny's pond.

On Christmas morning we woke up and opened gifts with Nana, Poppy, Uncle Scott and Uncle Andrew. Lachlan had so much fun open his presents this year (as opposed to last year when he was only a 2.5 months old and slept through the entire morning).


After six days in Perth, we flew back to Brisbane for a night before departing for our next adventure. In that time we had a quick Christmas morning in our own house where Lachlan got to see his first car. It was love at first sight (as I am sure you can imagine!).

25 December 2013- Christmas002

And then after our camping adventure (more on that later) we had our third and final Christmas morning (or afternoon really) with Byron!

25 December 2013- Christmas001

Christmas 2013 x 3 :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

before christmas celebrations and such.

We started off our Christmas season with a gift exchange in the park.

mum's group christmas party002 copy

The girls from my mum's group thought, instead of exchanging Christmas gifts between all of the children, we would put together one gift exchange event for all of the families to come together to celebrate the season.

mum's group christmas party004

mum's group christmas party006 copy

mum's group christmas party007 copy

mum's group christmas party008 copy

mum's group christmas party018

We met up in a local park with a plate of food to share and a $10 gender neutral gift to exchange.

mum's group christmas party011 copy

mum's group christmas party012

Each of the kids took turns picking out a wrapped gift and then all opened their new toys together.

mum's group christmas party014 copy

mum's group christmas party015 copy

It was a fun morning and an excellent way to start off the holiday season!

mum's group christmas party016 copy

mum's group christmas party017 copy

We kept the celebrations going that evening by attending the local "Carols by Candle Light." All throughout December, local areas all over Australia put together community Christmas gatherings where families come to listen to and sing Christmas songs :: old songs, new songs, traditional songs and everything in between. Max has been talking about going since we met and this year we finally did it!

carols by candle light002 copy

While we were a bit confused because the band never actually played ANY Christmas carols (...ummm, what?) it was a fun evening overall. My camera battery died almost as soon as we got there so I wasn't able to capture Lachlan's cute little dance moves once he got comfortable with the crowd. But minutes after these pictures were taken, he was up and running around with about 50 other kids. People brought chairs and wine and cheese and blankets. Santa came to visit and they even served FREE SAUSAGES! Overall it was a fun evening and a tradition I think we will try and continue from now on.

carols by candle light001 copy

And of course, no Christmas season is complete without the annual picture with Santa. This is Lachlan preparing for this photo shoot...

Getting ready for our photos with Santa but had to get a taste of those Christmas lights first! #yummy #danger! #lachlangram

I don't have a digital copy of our Santa picture, but it involved me (unexpectedly) being in it because a certain little boy would not sit with Santa by himself. As much as I love a good crying-child-with-santa-picture, I decided I would forego the tears and just hold him in my lap instead. Better luck next year? Not likely...

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