Saturday, November 30, 2013

other happenings in november.

So yeah, it is nearly April and I have decided to come back to the ol' blog and give some quick updates on what has been happening during the last 5ish months!!

Whoooaaa, has is really been THAT LONG!!!

Let's start with some notable happenings from back in November 2013. You know :: LAST YEAR!

In no particular order:
1. Lachlan started driving with Max and formed a love for cars that only a son of Max could have.
2. I returned to work 2 days a week and was thrown back into the world of morning traffic. UGH!
3. Lachlan tried to eat some cookies through the oven window.


5. We went to our friend Madden's first birthday party :)
6. It hailed.
7. More cars and the love grows stronger.
8. Mimi came to visit and we started swimming lessons again!!!!!!! 
9. We decided not to celebrate Thanksgiving this year and cuddled on the lounge room rug instead.

lachlan suzuki001 copy

lachlan suzuki002

lachlan suzuki004 copy

In November I also took some family photos for these beautiful people! It was a fun experience but definitely made me realise a few things...

16 November 2013- Aldous Family12

- I am (by no means) a professional photographer!! Like, at all!
- Out of the millions of photos I took, I think there might have been about three decent pictures.
- While I really enjoy playing around with my camera and taking pictures of our daily life, taking pictures for someone else is scary!! You want to do a really good job which (in my case) makes me do just the opposite! 
- My worst nightmare came true and the pictures turned out AWFUL which made me want to delete them all and pretend someone had stolen my camera so I didn't have to show them to anyone. 
- Basically, I think I'll just stick to taking pictures as a hobby! 

And finally, November brought about some very exciting news for our little family...

de Baugy Family of five arriving 28 July 2014! #lachlangram

And that about sums up the rest of November 2013!


  1. Aw how I love reading your blog! I have missed it!! p.s I think your photo skills are awesome!!! Xx

  2. Aw how I love reading your blog! I have missed it!! p.s I think your photo skills are awesome!!! Xx


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