Monday, October 28, 2013

well hello there.

So what have we been up to the last few months? Well, A LOT!

When we got back from our big family reunion overseas, our house looked a little bit like this (a planned renovation, don't freakout!).

And just like magic, our one story house is a two story house! #homerenovationfun #viewfromtheback #cantwaituntilitisdone
So we moved in with THIS lovely family...

20 July 2013- PEGGYS HOUSE039
[engagement picture I took for the Fealy's a few months ago]

Lachlan gained two new furry roommates... and we carried on with everyday life back here in Brisbane.

20 July 2013- PEGGYS HOUSE040

Going to the park, reading books, cuddling in bed...

20 July 2013- PEGGYS HOUSE045

We got to meet little baby Isaac (who arrived while we were away)...

20 July 2013- PEGGYS HOUSE043

started swimming lessons, played with all of our little friends, sweated it out at the gym....

20 July 2013- PEGGYS HOUSE044

and learned to crawl.

20 July 2013- PEGGYS HOUSE042

Lachlan got his first really yucky cold/flu thing...
My poor sick little boy  #breaksmyheart #lachlangram

Max turned 40...

Surprising the birthday boy at work! #balloonsatworkareembarrassing #40th #lovehim

We attended a BOGAN themed birthday party...
Max and I (left) and Peggy and Nate (right) at Nathan's bad taste Bogan birthday party! @peggymcneill @narelletw #funnight #happybirthday

and I turned 30!

They got me good!! #idontknowhowhepulledthisoff #30thbirthday #SURPRISE #luckygirl

Yep, that about covers the main events. And while I get myself organised and a bit more updated with photos, here is my current favourite Aussie humour commerical. Kind of creepy, but funny in my easily amused opinion :)


  1. I can't wait to see the after house pics.

    1. I know!!! I need to get that together just not sure how to show everything... hummm....


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