Tuesday, October 29, 2013

three years of wedded bliss.

(Back in August 2013)

Every year on or around our wedding anniversary, we plan some kind of weekend away.

(You can read about the first year here and the second year, here, here, here and here.)

While Lachlan was technically with us last year, he was really with us this year. As in, both Max and I could take turns carrying him :)

24 September 2013- anniversary001

With the house renovation and all the craziness of not living in your own home, we decided to do something a bit lower key this year. And since we take turns planning our anniversary trip and it was Max's turn this year, he planned a weekend away at the beach. We rented a little apartment and spent the weekend soaking up the sunshine at Moffat Beach.

24 September 2013- anniversary002

24 September 2013- anniversary004

24 September 2013- anniversary003

24 September 2013- anniversary005

It really was exactly what we needed!

24 September 2013- anniversary006

24 September 2013- anniversary007

24 September 2013- anniversary008

24 September 2013- anniversary009

24 September 2013- anniversary010

24 September 2013- anniversary011

[a picture of the three of us if you look closely...]
24 September 2013- anniversary012

24 September 2013- anniversary013

Happy 3rd Anniversary babe!


  1. Happy Anniversary Michelle! Looked like a fun weekend celebrating. Lach is such a handsome little man!!

    1. Thank you Annie! It was a really nice, low key weekend. Just what we needed! Can't believe how fast three years has gone!


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