Monday, August 5, 2013

grandpa's cabin.

When we first started to plan our Michigan vacation a year ago, we knew that we needed to dedicate one full day for a trip to Grandpa's hunting cabin. While my Grandpa doesn't actually go here that often anymore, it is well used by all the men (and some of the women) in the Westveer family. My childhood memories of Michigan always included a day or two at the cabin. While I was never (and still am not) into hunting, I always loved spending time there exploring the property on the quads, playing with the toys that lived at the cabin and making forts in the upstairs loft that was full of bunkbeds for the busy hunting season.

20 June 2013- cabin001

Being that Max and Byron love their dirt bikes so much, I thought they might like to check out the cabin and take a turn on the quads.

20 June 2013- cabin002

20 June 2013- cabin003

20 June 2013- cabin004

20 June 2013- cabin005

20 June 2013- cabin006

[Michael, Byron and Max- the quad gang]
20 June 2013- cabin007

My Aunt Marcy (who I somehow didn't end up getting one picture of!!!) and Uncle Bill met us at the cabin and got all the toys ready for when we arrived (THANK YOU!!!).

20 June 2013- cabin008

They also prepared a full venison burger (deer meat) lunch for us to give the boys the full cabin experience!

20 June 2013- cabin009

[Jacked looooved the tracker!]
20 June 2013- cabin010

20 June 2013- cabin011

I remember riding this exact three wheeler (or Big Red as we refereed to it) back when I was not much older than Lachlan.

20 June 2013- cabin012

20 June 2013- cabin013

20 June 2013- cabin014

20 June 2013- cabin015

And just as proof that not much changes at the cabin, my sister found an old colouring book that she coloured and signed back in December 1994! Such an artist, that sister of mine (hehe).

20 June 2013- cabin025

20 June 2013- cabin016

[Mimi and Emily taking an afternoon nap]
20 June 2013- cabin017

The final event for our day at the cabin included a gun shooting lesson from my Uncle Bill.

20 June 2013- cabin018

While I have very little interest in guns myself, it was the number one thing Byron wanted to do while he was up in Michigan :: I mean, besides eating as many bacon cheese burgers as he could get his hands on :)

20 June 2013- cabin019

I am not sure of the exact laws and rules, but I think handguns (maybe all guns??) are banned in Australia, so Byron was just itching to learn how to shoot them while he was in America. Lucky for him, my uncle was nice enough to teach him how (in a very safe and controlled environment).

20 June 2013- cabin020

20 June 2013- cabin021

20 June 2013- cabin022

And I'm pretty sure he loved every second of it!

20 June 2013- cabin023

20 June 2013- cabin024

A special BIG thank you to my Aunt Marcy and Uncle Bill for letting us spend the day with them at the cabin. It was exactly how I remembered it :)

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  1. These are such great pictures! You have a beautiful family. I have been looking at moving companies in Michigan because my family and I are moving for my husband's job. I have also been looking up things to do in Michigan. I have never even vacationed there before, I just don't want the kids to be extremely bored. Shooting that gun looks like a lot of fun. Wish I could have been there for that. Thanks for sharing!


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