Tuesday, August 13, 2013

florida fun.

As a finale to our family vacation, we spent a few days in my hometown, doing hometown type things; like eating at McGuire's and going to a Wahoo's baseball game on the 4th of July.

12 July 2013- home005

We got the $5 tickets on the grass in the outfield which ended up pretty good seats. My only complaint would be the sound out there. Because the speakers are just above this section and projected towards the infield, we couldn't clearly hear anything they were saying.

12 July 2013- home001

12 July 2013- home002

Lachlan is obsessed with trying to drink out of any kind of bottle... even my beer bottle (eek!).

12 July 2013- home004

12 July 2013- home003

12 July 2013- home006

12 July 2013- home007

The next day Max and Byron headed back to the airport for the long journey home, which Max later described as the best flights they had ever taken! Turns out a nearly straight flight home without layovers and lost passports are waaaaay more fun. Who knew?!


Other fun things that happened in Florida ::

Crawfish boil and mojito making at my bestie's house!

12 July 2013- home008

12 July 2013- home009

12 July 2013- home010

12 July 2013- home011

12 July 2013- home016

12 July 2013- home013

12 July 2013- home014

12 July 2013- home015

12 July 2013- home017

12 July 2013- home012

12 July 2013- home018
{Do yourself a huge favour and get the recipe for her amazing mojito's here!!}

Bath time with best friends! (photos by Evan)

12 July 2013- home019

Lachlan's best friend, Tillman, came down to visit the weekend before we left and we decided to throw them in the bathtub together that first night!

12 July 2013- home020

12 July 2013- home021

These pictures don't really give you the full extent of the chaos that was happening in that bathroom, but trust me, it was funny.

12 July 2013- home022

12 July 2013- home023

12 July 2013- home024

12 July 2013- home025

We even made time for some much needed baby free/best friend time for the us too!!

Nearly 30 and we still got it!!  #mybestfriends okay, maybe I am the only one close to 30 :)

Love these two so much!


Of course there were lots of other fun things that happened while we were away that aren't pictured, but I think these last few posts really sum up our holiday quite nicely.

To put in simply- it was amazing!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

family road trip.

On our way home from Michigan, we decided to break up the loooong drive and make a few stops along our way. Our first stop was good ol' Nashville, Tennessee.

1 July 2013- nashville017

In all my years of travel and away football games in college, I never once got the chance to visit Nashville (shocked?) so I was super excited to finally get a chance to see it.

1 July 2013- nashville005

Since we only had a short time to see as much as possible, we decided to take a trolly tour around the city.

1 July 2013- nashville001

I can't remember the name of this tour group (oops) but they were pretty good. The tour lasted about an hour and a half and took us to tons of different places. It was a hop on and off trolly but we decided to stay on for the whole tour before getting off and exploring on our own.

1 July 2013- nashville002

1 July 2013- nashville007

[the most photographed spot in Nashville]
1 July 2013- nashville003

1 July 2013- nashville004

1 July 2013- nashville006

1 July 2013- nashville012

After our tour, we headed straight for some good ol' Nashville BBQ. Now I am sure there is one particular place that has the very best BBQ in town, but since nearly every single restaurant in the city was advertising "Nashville's Best BBQ" and we were all starving, we just randomly picked one. It was good, but nothing to write home about.

1 July 2013- nashville008

After that we wondered around the city in search for the perfect cowboy boots. Turns out, nearly every single place that isn't advertising the "best BBQ" is selling cowboy boots.

1 July 2013- nashville011

1 July 2013- nashville009

I was so excited to see these signs that said "Buy one, get two free" until I realised just how expensive genuine cowboy boots really are!!

1 July 2013- nashville016

1 July 2013- nashville010

Needless to say, we left Nashville bootless and I decided I was okay with that. I mean, who really needs three pairs of cowboy boots anyway? Right? Right?!?

1 July 2013- nashville015

1 July 2013- nashville014

Our last stop for the day was a dark bar with good music and cold drinks. Just like I imagined it would be!

1 July 2013- nashville013


The next morning we headed straight for the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, TN.

#familyvacation2013 #jackdanielstour

And if there is one thing I could recommend to anyone traveling in this area, it would be to take an afternoon (or morning) and do this tour!! It is completely free and very, very good.

1 July 2013- nashville018

1 July 2013- nashville019

1 July 2013- nashville020

1 July 2013- nashville021

We weren't able to take pictures in most of the buildings, but they literally take you through every step of the process from start to finish.

1 July 2013- nashville025

And if you ever do decide to go on this tour, ask for Ron. He was excellent!

1 July 2013- nashville022

Jack Daniel looks extra small next to this teen! #tallboy #jackdanielstour #familyvacation2013

1 July 2013- nashville023

1 July 2013- nashville024

And of course, no family road trip would be complete without one meal a Steak 'n Shake... 

First (and probably only) visit to Steak n' Shake  #familyvacation2013 #cantholdhimdown

...and a swim in the hotel pool!

Fun in the hotel pool  #brothers #nashville #bestpartofbeingakid
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