Friday, July 26, 2013

water baby.

This, right here, is one of the best parts of going back to Florida for a visit in June...

23 July 2013- pool011

While we were away, we got to escape five whole weeks of Brisbane winter and soak up the Florida sunshine instead! Since Lachlan was only a little baby last Australian summer, we never really had a chance to take him swimming. So while we were in Florida we took full advantage of the summer heat and bathwater warm pools by swimming every chance we were given!

23 July 2013- pool012

["swimming" in the baby pool at Mimi and King's house]
23 July 2013- pool013

23 July 2013- pool014

We also took advantage of the pool at my parent's old house (the house where I grew up) before the new owners moved in.

23 July 2013- pool005

23 July 2013- pool010

I know selling this house has been bitter sweet for my parents, as this was the place we lived for some many years, but the time had come for all of us to move on...

23 July 2013- pool006

As kids, we literally spent hours and hours in this very pool. Learning to swim, making up shows, having diving competitions, celebrating countless birthdays. This pool (and house) was so good to our family!

23 July 2013- pool009

 And even though it may sound silly, I'm glad I had the chance to say goodbye to it.

23 July 2013- pool007

Another pool we took advantage of while we were in Florida were some of the hotel pools out on the beach.

23 July 2013- pool001

23 July 2013- pool003

Even though we weren't technically guests, we had stayed at this particular hotel many times before and thought a quick splash in the baby pool wouldn't really hurt anyone.

23 July 2013- pool015

23 July 2013- pool002

Naturally, Lachlan loved it!

23 July 2013- pool004

We even attended our first ever baby pool party at Lachlan's friend, Stone's house where we hung out with other class of 2002 babies!

My memories of hot Florida summers were relived through the eyes of my sweet baby boy and it seems we might have a water baby on our hands!!

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