Friday, July 12, 2013

stranded in sydney.

Well hello there!

Yes, I know you were worried. Wondering where in the world I have been. Losing sleep over the fear I had fallen into a black hole. never. to. return. again.... Okay, maybe not?.

The truth is, as most of you know, we have been on a rather large overseas family vacation. I had grand plans to write up a few blog posts before I left. One with tips on how to travel alone with an infant. One with an update on our house renovation. One to, you know, at least let you know I would be MIA for the next month or so while I was away on our family vacation. But life got crazy busy and none of those words or thoughts got any further than a blep in my brain. Oops!

The week/weeks leading up to our trip ended up being absolutely jam packed. My in-laws came for a visit. Lachlan had a major change in his eating routine. We had to completely move out of our house and into our friend's place in preparation for the renovation. I had to finalise all of the reno details like the taps, tile, roof colour, etc . Oh- and prepare our entire family for a trip across the globe. Yeah, it was pretty darn busy! In the end, everything ended up getting done except the ol' blog updates, which quickly fell to the very bottom of the to-do-list as I realised I wasn't, infact, Super Mom.

Little did I know, when I arrived at the airport that Wednesday morning I would be faced with a much bigger dilemma that involved a missing infant plane ticket and an unexpected overnight stay in the Sydney Rydges- good times, good times!

I have certainly had better days...  #longstory #stuckinsydney #wearesafe

We were scheduled to fly from Brisbane to Sydney to Dallas to Pensacola, but when we checked in at the Brisbane airport it looked as if Lachlan's ticket from Sydney to Dallas was missing (yes, we I have to pay for the international part of his ticket :( and no, he doesn't even get his own seat on the flight :( :( ) After a long conversation and some looking around, they convinced me to go ahead and fly to Sydney where they would be able to better address the issues (LIARS!)

Checking out our unexpected home for the night #sydneyrydges #itcouldbeworse

We arrived in Sydney late with just enough time to be told there was no chance we would be put on our flight to Dallas, I needed buy Lachlan ANOTHER TICKET and we would have to find somewhere to stay that night.

As a strong sense of panic took over my body, my mind quickly replayed the one piece of advice my dad gave me before flying alone with an infant- "Just remember, if everything turns to shit, just start crying. There will be someone, somewhere who will feel bad and help a crying mom traveling alone with a baby." So right there, in front of the Qantas special assistance counter, with a 7 month old baby attached to my front and carryon baggage strung across my body, silent tears began to run down my face.

(Bath in the hotel sink)
Making the best of a bad situation last night with a bath in the hotel sink  #wehadfun #nobath #fancyhotelproblems #sydneyrydges

As if traveling alone with an infant for over 24 hours straight wasn't hard enough, my trip had now been doubled and my credit card charged an extra $1000. I only had enough diapers and baby food for one day and I was already tired and hungry. Tears were warranted.

Baby jet lag; about as much fun as it sounds. #wideawake #tiredmomma #12:30am 15hourtimechange

It turns out my dad's advice worked and an incredibly nice Qantas woman (hi Kylie!) spent 3 hours of her evening helping this poor momma and her baby sort out their flight issues, find a hotel, loan us a little red stroller and recommend the best place to eat dinner in the Sydney airport.

(Our thank you card and flowers for Kylie and her team!)

And as you know, we eventually arrived in Florida. We might have been a day later than expected. My credit card might have been a little worn out from all of the unexpected costs. My child may have had his bath in the hotel sink... But we made it. We were safe. We were taken care of. We were home. Phew!!

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  1. Ohmygosh what a terrible start to your trip! Hopefully it's all uphill from there!


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