Saturday, June 8, 2013

broooom broooom.

Last weekend we loaded up Max's dirt bike, met up with the Bishop family and headed... well, I am not actually sure where we went. We drove for about an hour and a half and arrived at a farm that had been transformed into a motorbike heaven for the weekend.

[Ryan]                                                       [Bill, Max, Sam, Chloe, Ryan]
26 May 2013- motorbike ride018

26 May 2013- motorbike ride001

Unlike most of the rides Max usually goes on, this was an organised ride for the whole family. They had several different tracks marked out for every level rider from the little tinny, tiny kiddos all the way up to riders like Max and his friend Bill.

26 May 2013- motorbike ride014

While everyone was out riding their respective tracks, Lachlan and I walked over to check out the little baby pee wee riders.

26 May 2013- motorbike ride004

Seriously, some of those kids could not have been much bigger than Lachlan! And as much I would like to say my little baby boy will never get on one of those things, I know I am wasting my breath with a husband like mine. So I decided the best thing I can do at this point is try my best to get use to the idea by watching other little guys for the next few years. Sigh... #scaredmomma

26 May 2013- motorbike ride002

The best part of these kinds of rides for "watchers" like myself is that everyone rides for a little while and then comes back for a little rest or something to eat. So instead of seeing only everyone at the beginning and end of the day, I got to see them several times and catch up on how the ride was going... and stuff like that (I mean, lets not pretend I know anything at all about this kind of stuff- but I like to ask them how it was and shake my head like I understand or know what they are talking about).

26 May 2013- motorbike ride005

26 May 2013- motorbike ride008

Motor bike riding is a whole family affair for the Bishops!

26 May 2013- motorbike ride007

[Bill and the kids]                                                    [Chloe]
26 May 2013- motorbike ride016

After a short break, everyone went out to ride again while Lachlan and I relaxed and had some lunch back at camp.

26 May 2013- motorbike ride009

[Sammy]                                                                 [Max]
26 May 2013- motorbike ride015

After a full day of riding, Lachlan was finally able to jump on daddy's bike.

26 May 2013- motorbike ride011

26 May 2013- motorbike ride017

Unfortunately for me, he seemed to love it already.

26 May 2013- motorbike ride013

26 May 2013- motorbike ride003

[Chloe and Ryan]
26 May 2013- motorbike ride006

It was a fun day :)

26 May 2013- motorbike ride012

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