Sunday, May 5, 2013

kenilworth homestead.

Last weekend we took Lachlan and our camper trailer on their second camping adventure to the beautiful Kenilworth Homestead.

27 April 2013- camping013

You might remember our failed first camping adventure back in January (you can read about that here, here and here), but with a forecast of nothing but sunshine, we had faith that this trip would be better... and drier!

27 April 2013- camping014

The homestead is a privately run recreation area right on a beautiful section of the Mary River. There are no designated camp sites. In their words... "just turn up and find a piece of grass or sand, set up your tent and relax." Which is exactly what we did!

27 April 2013- camping008

We arrived well after dark on Friday night, found our friends, quickly set up our camper and warmed up by the fire. It is starting to get fairly cool at night now (we are going in to winter here in Australia) and so I was sure to layer Lachlan before putting him to bed.

The next morning we woke up to a gorgeous, sunny day!

27 April 2013- camping001

After cuddling in bed with my boys, we got up and played outside while Daddy fixed us some yummy breakfast!

27 April 2013- camping002

27 April 2013- camping004

The bacon, egg and cheese roll :: one of my favourite parts of camping and the only time I eat them. So. Yummy.

27 April 2013- camping005

27 April 2013- camping003

After hanging around camp for a few hours, we loaded up and went on a drive around Kenilworth and a few other nearby towns.

27 April 2013- camping007

Unfortunately I didn't take very many pictures of our day... or ANY pictures of our friends we were with, but we had a great time.

27 April 2013- camping006

The next morning we got up and did the same thing. Morning cuddles. Bacon, egg and cheese rolls. Hanging around camp. Afternoon cheese and crackers. Swim in the river.

27 April 2013- camping009

It was a prefect day.

27 April 2013- camping010

Those are pretty much all the pictures I took over the weekend. Pretty poor photography job on my part...

HOWEVER, I did create the video below to give you a better idea of what I mean when I say "camper trailer". It is basically a cross between a tent and a caravan... kind of.

Here are the views of the camper from all angles...

27 April 2013- camping015

It's not pictured here, but the tailgate swings open and acts as the camp kitchen. It has a built-in sink with an electric water pump that pulls water from the 60 litre water tank under the trailer. There is also a queen-sized, real mattress inside the tent portion which makes camping that much better. Everything is better with a good nights sleep!

The top also opens to the trailer part of the "camper trailer", where we store all of our camping gear.

27 April 2013- camping011

I should also mention that this is a very budget model (I think we are the 4th owners of this vintage beauty). They get much bigger and much fancier... but we decided to start small and simple to make sure we liked it and used it enough. So far, so good!

[this is what it looks like before it is loaded up]
27 April 2013- camping012

So there you have it; a quick tour of our little camper :)

Maybe these exist and are used in other countries but I had never heard of them before moving to Australia. So what about you? Have you ever used or heard of a camper trailer before??

Happy Camping Friends!


  1. Please tell me that is a pop up portapotty?!

    1. I would not want to disappoint you... so yes, it is in fact what I like to refer to as my toilet/shower tent. Sounds gross but when you are camping in a place without showers and/or toilets it comes in VERY handy! And we will leave it at that, lol.


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