Sunday, April 21, 2013


See these two girls? They are my two bestest friends. Well, we are more like sisters really. We have been around each other almost as long as a sister. We love like sisters. We argue and push each other like sisters. We support each other like sisters. And when we were younger, we would secretly compete with each other like sisters. Okay, maybe we still kind of do that :)

Seriously though, we have been friends for like... ever! It is actually kind of crazy when you look back on life through friendships and really think about everything you have been through together. And three of us- we have been through it all!

22 March 2013- atlanta005

It had been over a year since I had wrapped my arms around these two and I have to say, hugging their necks was long over due. You see, 2012 was quite a year for the three of us. In 2012 both Evan and Ginny became home owners for the first time, we said goodbye to Ginny's beauitful Dad and Ginny and I gave birth to two perfect baby boys. Phew... what a year!

22 March 2013- atlanta001

Lucky for me, Evan lives in the same town as my parents and Ginny is just a five hour drive away, so when planning this trip home I was sure to make some extra time for these two special people, seeing their homes and meeting the happiest baby to ever live (Ginny's baby Tillman that is).

22 March 2013- atlanta002

And did I mention that Ginny married one of our close high school friends?? Naturally, we threw both babies at him as soon as he walked in the door. Don't worry, he handled it well.

22 March 2013- atlanta003

It was a cooold, rainy Atlanta weekend so we did a lot of relaxing, Downton Abby watching and nap times. But in between those things, we did make it out of the house for a few meals and little shopping.

22 March 2013- atlanta004

[I mean, seriously! How freakin' cute is this little guy!]
22 March 2013- atlanta006

[Lunch at Pig 'n' Chick]
22 March 2013- atlanta007

After some good ol' southern food, we headed off to the Atlanta farmers market in search of something yummy to cook for dinner.

22 March 2013- atlanta008

22 March 2013- atlanta009

And I am telling you, this place had pretty much everything you could ever think of... and a few things you never knew existed. Ugli fruit anyone??

22 March 2013- atlanta010

22 March 2013- atlanta011

22 March 2013- atlanta012

And while our going-out-and-partying-all-night-until-we-may-or-may-not-be-throwing-up-AT-the-bar days are over now, mammas and aunties still gotta have a little fun!

22 March 2013- atlanta013

22 March 2013- atlanta014

22 March 2013- atlanta023

After loading up with pretty much everything we could find at the market, we headed home so that the boys to stretch their legs and have some playtime.

22 March 2013- atlanta015

Tillman was nice enough to let Lachlan play with some of his fancy big boy toys! And even though Lachlan was having a REALLY rough weekend (baby jetlag is the worst) it was still really fun to see them play together.

22 March 2013- atlanta016

22 March 2013- atlanta017

After the boys went to bed, Ginny and Evan made us the most delicious dinner!

22 March 2013- atlanta019

22 March 2013- atlanta018

22 March 2013- atlanta020

Roast chicken, asparagus and sweet potato followed by a $#*! load of ice cream and cupcakes.

Hey, we can't be totally civilised ALL the time!

22 March 2013- atlanta021


I had hoped to get a really cute picture of the boys in these "Best Friends" shirts I had gotten them, but just like babies do, Lachlan decided he would rather scream than be a part of any picture... so this is the best one I got. Lucky for us though, I see plenty of best friend photos being taken in their futures. This is just the first of many more to come.

22 March 2013- atlanta022

The weekend was full of other moments, meals, naps, outings and talks, but overall it was just a weekend of catching up. Sister-friends playing with their sister-friend's babies; perfection!

22 March 2013- atlanta024


  1. Great pictures! Such a great weekend, still so sad I missed you here :(

    1. Thanks Lisa! Yes, I hope we get a chance to catch up with you next time... or in 5-8 years when you come to visit me :) xoxo


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