Friday, April 19, 2013

our time at mimi and king's house.

Where to even begin...

I guess I have been avoiding catching everyone up on our holiday (yes, I am officially using holiday now instead of vacation. why? I just like it!) because I am not even sure where to begin. I was going to start out by saying that this was probably the most significant trip we have taken over to Florida because our baby got to meet so many special people. But when I thought about it a little more, I came to the conclusion that every time we have flown the great flight it has been pretty freakin' significant! Meeting family for the first time, attending weddings, celebrating the birth of babies, our own wedding... those were all pretty signifiant experiences too!

So now I am just back to wondering where to even begin...

I guess I'll start by telling you that flights went well and we arrived in Pensacola in fair condition. In fact, the minute Mimi gave Lachlan that first big cuddle in the Pensacola airport, he started this cute, delirious, I-haven't-slept-in-days-but-I-am-so-happy-to-see-you giggle that lasted a good five minutes. It was such a sweet, genuine laughter that it melted away all of my tiredness and made both mom and I tear up. Such a sweet boy, that child of mine.

16 March 2013- mimi and kings house001

I also have many stories and a few tips to share regarding traveling alone with an infant, but I might wait and share all of that in a separate post. For now though, lets just take a look at our time at Mimi and King's house, shall we.

Over all, our itinerary for this visit was pretty packed. I had tried to keep things simple and low key, but ended up finding we were on the move pretty much every day that we were there. But in between our travels and visits with friends, we got to spend a lot of our down time at Mimi and King's boat house.

[Lachlan meeting Uncle Michael]
16 March 2013- mimi and kings house002

[Nevermind my footless child in the picture below. Clearly these 6 months clothes were still a bit big for him. I assure you, he does in fact have two good size feet under those pants.]
16 March 2013- mimi and kings house003

A few years ago my parents bought "the boat house" as an investment, a place to keep their sailboat and little stay-cation spot for the weekends. However, over time they found that they were spending more and more time at the boat house and eventually made the big decision to officially downsize from my childhood home and move to the boat house full time.

16 March 2013- mimi and kings house012

And who can really blame them? This townhouse is just the perfect home for these two grandparents. Not too big, not too small, water frontage and a big relaxing patio where you can sit and unwind with a nice glass of wine and watch the boats cruise in and out of the bayou. You just can't help but sit back and relax when you are at Mimi and King's boat house... and that is exactly what we did while we were there!

16 March 2013- mimi and kings house005

People say they look alike and I can totally see it in this photo!

16 March 2013- mimi and kings house006

16 March 2013- mimi and kings house004

Lachlan had the best time playing with Mimi and King. He got to watch the boats with King and read books and play with toys with Mimi.

16 March 2013- mimi and kings house008

One afternoon while playing on the floor with both Mimi and King, he decided to show off and roll over from his back to his tummy for the first time. I was so happy someone was there to see it happen and even happier that it was his grandparents. And if you were wondering... no he hasn't done it again.

16 March 2013- mimi and kings house009

We absolutely loved our time at Mimi and King's and can't wait to get back there for more cuddles in June!

16 March 2013- mimi and kings house011

16 March 2013- mimi and kings house010

Thank you so, sooooo much mom and dad for all you did and continue to do for us. We love you so much and can't wait to see you again soon!


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