Tuesday, April 23, 2013

emily marie.

The night Lachlan and I arrived in Florida, my parents greeted us with some amazing news. My sister (who was 37 weeks pregnant with her second baby) was scheduled to give birth that Monday!! Three years ago this month, I was there in person for the birth of my first nephew and now we were back again for the birth of my first niece. You would think I had planned it or something :)

After a few days of putting together some quick impromptu plans, Lachlan, Evan and I found ourselves on a flight from Atlanta to Boston to meet my one week old baby niece, Emily Marie.

  26 March 2013- boston001

It was both Lachlan and Evan's first trip to Boston so it wasn't hard to persuade them to come on this crazy adventure with me. After missing our connection in Philly, we finally made it to Boston and checked in to our hotel.

26 March 2013- boston015

We stayed in the historic Boston Park Plaza Hotel right in the heart of the city. It was really classic with some modern touches- super fun and totally cute!

26 March 2013- boston016

And then it was straight over to my sister's to meet this brand spankin' new beauty. Miss Emily Marie. Isn't she GORGEOUS!!!

26 March 2013- boston009

When I first saw her I thought my sister was playing a joke on me and holding a doll. She is just so tiny and perfect looking!

Our trip overlapped with the last day of mom's visit, so she kindly volunteered to stay in with Lachlan that night so that Evan and I could go out for a grownup meal and a few drinks in the city. Yeah, my mom is pretty great like that!

26 March 2013- boston002

The next morning we walked back over to my sister's place for some more baby cuddles and playtime with my nephew Jack.

26 March 2013- boston006

It was the first time all of the cousins had met and it was so cute to see them "playing" together.

26 March 2013- boston005

26 March 2013- boston008

26 March 2013- boston010

26 March 2013- boston011

After a little morning visit with the babies, Evan, Lachlan and I went out for a bit of sightseeing in the city. It was Evan's very first time in Boston so I wanted to make sure she got a little taste of what Boston has to offer.

26 March 2013- boston003

26 March 2013- boston024

It was a beautiful... cold... sunny day which made for the perfect city walking weather.

26 March 2013- boston013

26 March 2013- boston012

We did a lot of walking, some eating and maybe a little bit of window shopping as well.

26 March 2013- boston014

Later that afternoon we headed back to my sister's place for some more family time where we attempted to get a family picture of the six of us. This was the best one out of the dozen or so that we took.

26 March 2013- boston017

While we were there, I decided it would be a great idea to take Lachlan outside so that he could see his first bit of snow!

26 March 2013- boston020

26 March 2013- boston018

But he was more interested in the green leaves than the cold snow!

26 March 2013- boston019

And I couldn't leave without taking a picture of Jack's snow castles on their back patio.

26 March 2013- boston021

We grew up at the beach making sand castles. Jack is growing up in the city making snow castles. I love this!!

26 March 2013- boston022

[Emily and Daddy]
26 March 2013- boston023

Even though our trip was very quick and totally full, we fit in some good quality time with my sister's family, some sightseeing around the city and even caught up with my childhood friend, Ansley, and her baby, Gracin. Overall it was a spectacular trip to meet the newest little member of our family. She is just perfect!!!!

[A few instagram pictures from our 2.5 days in Boston]
26 March 2013- boston instagram

A special thanks to my sister and brother-in-law, mom and dad and Evan for making this trip not only possible, but an amazing few days. I mean, how lucky and blessed am I?!?!!


  1. Perfect timing! So awesome you were able to visit them!

    1. Yes, it is not everyday you get hold a 7 day odd baby :) So luck to have been there for the birth of both of my sister's babies!


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