Friday, March 1, 2013

this day last year.

On this exact day last year I woke up and drove halfway to work. On the way there I had a bit of a... errrr... personal problem which resulted in me having to return home (sorry- too much information?). After returning home and taking care of a few things, I noticed the date. 1st March. Humm... it couldn't be. I was 5 days late. After 10 months of trying to get pregnant and letting that little "why isn't this happening" doubt into my mind, I had seemed to have lost track of the days.

Three tests later, it was confirmed! Baby Lachlan was already 4 weeks in the making and I was in shock. Good shock. Like really, really, "I SERIOUSLY can't believe this finally happened... what do I do now" kind of shock. Do I call the doctor? Do I call my husband? Do I start buying baby clothes and  researching schools????

1 March 2013- this day002

That moment when you find out your are growing a child- that moment is kind of impossible to describe. I was so, so happy that I sat on our bed and cried and laughed at the same time. Happy tears streamed out of my eyes as I rubbed my belly and thought about how much I wanted to become a mother. This was it. I was actually, really, without a doubt pregnant. Wow!

Oh, and I did eventually call my husband to tell him I was home sick but waited until he got home that night to finally spill the beans in person with these balloons :)  

1 March 2013- this day001

The 1st March 2012... what a beautiful day it was!

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