Sunday, March 3, 2013

its a beautiful day.

It has been raining in Brisbane for, like, a year! Okay, maybe more like a week and a half, but it feels like a year! I might be the kind of person who gets a bit crazy when it rains constantly. Seasonal depression they call it. What? 8 days of rain doesn't constitute seasonal depression?!?? Okay then, let's just say I like the sunshine. A lot.

Then, last Saturday a miracle happened and the sun came out. It was like Mother Nature (yes, she is a proper noun) could tell we were all getting a bit depressed and decided to give us a break for the day. And boy did she deliver. It. Was. Beautiful.

24 February 2013- beach001

In honour of the sunshine, and the fact that is was a Saturday, we decided to spend this glorious morning at the beach.

24 February 2013- beach003

24 February 2013- beach002

It was Lachlan's first time on the Sunshine Coast (outside the womb) and so we thought he might like to take his first dip in the ocean.

24 February 2013- beach004

24 February 2013- beach005

I am pretty sure he wasn't all that impressed with the cool water and would probably prefer to stick to warm baths for now.

24 February 2013- beach010

24 February 2013- beach007

24 February 2013- beach008

After testing out the water, we found a nice shady spot under a tree and took turns walking down to the beach to swim.

24 February 2013- beach011

We talked about how we couldn't wait until Lachlan was old enough to be out there with us while reminding ourselves not to wish away time. How one day soon we will long for the days when he was just a baby who would lay there completely content, flashing that big gummy smile when we kissed his toes.

24 February 2013- beach012

Yep, enjoying right now, this age, is exactly where we should be!

24 February 2013- beach009

Thank you, Mother Nature, for the break in the gray skies and constant rain. It was exactly what we needed!

24 February 2013- beach013

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