Wednesday, March 13, 2013

guy or doll.

Last weekend my good friend, Alyce, and her husband, Ryan, held their first ever gender reveal party!! Alyce is very much into creative arts (dance, musicals, etc) and her husband is an awesome graphic designer, so it was no surprise to me when I received this one-of-a-kind invitation in the mail for their 1920's Broadway themed party. So cute right!!


They held the party in our backyard and I was so busy socialising, taking care of Lachlan and helping get the food ready for the party, that I forgot to take pictures of the food table. Just imagine something really cute :)

To announce baby Aldous' gender, they had these really awesome confetti guns made filled with either pink or blue. There was a slight technical difficulty when it was shot off, but we could all see the BLUE confetti sneaking out. 

9 March 2013- Gender Reveal001

It's a BOY!!!!

9 March 2013- Gender Reveal002

After resolving a few issues, the blue confetti flew and everyone cheered for Alyce and Ryan's little baby boy!!!

9 March 2013- Gender Reveal003

9 March 2013- Gender Reveal004

9 March 2013- Gender Reveal005

9 March 2013- Gender Reveal007

9 March 2013- Gender Reveal014

9 March 2013- Gender Reveal006

9 March 2013- Gender Reveal015

9 March 2013- Gender Reveal008

Of course I had to sneak in a few pictures of our little baby boy!

9 March 2013- Gender Reveal012

It wasn't that long ago that we were having this same party for our little guy. Ahhh the memories, haha.

9 March 2013- Gender Reveal010

It was the first of many beautiful celebrations for baby Aldous and I am so looking forward to the many more to come.

9 March 2013- Gender Reveal013

Congratulations Ryan and Alyce!! We are so excited for you guys and your little baby boy!

9 March 2013- Gender Reveal009


  1. Michelle, you are such a wonderful friend for letting us celebrate this exciting time of our lives at your house, as well as capturing some amazing photos! You are truly a blessing to us!!!!

    1. We are just so happy we could be there with you to celebrate this little BOY!! xoxo

  2. Great photos! You are really good at capturing moments.

    1. Thanks Kristin! We had a really good time :) I am sure you know by now I don't mind taking a picture (or 50).

  3. My husband and I are wanting to do a "Guy or Doll" themed gender reveal party as well. I came across this invitation in a google search. I would love any help you or your friends could give me in creating this clever and unique invite. My email address is Hope to hear from you soon! Great pictures!


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