Saturday, February 9, 2013

the swaddle.

Ever since Lachlan was born, he loved the ol' swaddle. As soon as he started showing tired signs, I would give him his passie, swaddle him tight and off to sleep he went. As soon as he started smiling at about 7 weeks, I noticed that right when I would lay him in his bed and start the swaddling ritual he would starting smiling this biggest grins you have ever seen. We took this as a sign that he did, in fact, LOVE the swaddle which was reassuring since we had been doing it for 7 weeks already!

Someone might need a bit more practice, hehe

After a few goes at some different swaddling options, I kind of came up with this one that seemed to really work best for him. I have had a few different people ask me what kind of wraps I use and how I swaddle so I thought I would make a little tutorial to share the secret. I hope you enjoy it :)

a little lesson in swaddling... from Michelle de Baugy on Vimeo.

A few more things:

1. When I said that the swaddle will usually last him about 6 hours, I was meaning at night... when he sleeps for 8-9 hours. I was noticing that at about 6 hours in to the night he was performing some baby magic and escaping the inescapable swaddle :) Don't stress... I don't leave him swaddled like that for 6 hours at a time all the time, hehe.

2. This technique is by no means certified or recommend by a doctor or professional. It is my own technique that I found worked really well for us. Please don't use this if you have any concerns or are worried it is unsafe for your baby. Although I think it is perfectly safe (obviously), I don't want anyone coming back to me saying that using this technique harmed their baby in any way. I certainly don't need any lawsuits up in her'.

3. My favourite swaddles to use are Aden + Anais Classic Muslin Collection. They are big and light and come in all different cute prints. I am pretty sure my mom bought them for me in the US, but in doing some more research I found out it is actually an Australian woman who started the company! It seems they are available in stores all over the world and you can search for the location nearest you here -->; USAustraliaUK/Europe. I perfect gift for any new momma if you ask me :)

Happy Swaddling Friends!


  1. Is it just me or do you totally have an accent???

    1. Sadly... yes. I like to refer to it as a confused accent. I sound Aussie to Americans and American to Aussies. See- confused! :)


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