Sunday, February 24, 2013

motocross star.

Last year when Byron started at the Australian Trade College, he was introduced to the life of a working man. I have written about this before, but through this program, Byron does a rotation of four weeks at school and four weeks on the job (as a part of his apprenticeship to become a carpenter). His apprenticeship is a total of four years so instead of starting this journey after high school, he gets to do both at the same time.

So what does this mean?? Poor kid has just realised the reality of working... for the rest of his life... and I am not sure he is overly thrilled about the idea. Do you blame him?!?

A few weeks ago he decided life would be WAY more fun if he could make money doing something he REALLY liked- like becoming a world famous motocross star!

17 February 2013- motor bike002

Just like his dad, he has always loved riding dirt bikes and has done it for practically his entire life.

17 February 2013- motor bike003

Last year when his dad bought himself his first ever new dirt bike (KTM500) his old bike (XR) was handed down and Byron has asked to go riding every weekend since.

17 February 2013- motor bike004

I got to watch Byron ride at our friend's house last Sunday afternoon and I have to say, I was impressed! It is hard to tell in these pictures, but that bike he is on is HUGE and heavy.

17 February 2013- motor bike001

Lachlan had fun watching his big brother ride while his daddy showed him around our friend's ginormous shed... which is FULL of dirt bikes!

17 February 2013- motor bike005

[this is just half of Bill's shed...]
17 February 2013- motor bike006

17 February 2013- motor bike007

Lachlan wasn't really sure what to think about these crazy bikes... and his momma is scared to death for the day his daddy puts him on one of these bikes for real. Eeek!

17 February 2013- motor bike008

17 February 2013- motor bike012

17 February 2013- motor bike009

17 February 2013- motor bike010

17 February 2013- motor bike011

So here's to our carpenter/motocross star :) because real, grownup life isn't fun without dreams!

[the boys are out on a ride somewhere right now as I write this!]

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