Sunday, February 3, 2013

flooded in.

[the first two parts to this story can be found here and here]

After our camp flooded on Sunday morning, we decided that instead of heading home we would just spend the remainder of our long weekend at a nice little unit a few miles away from our original camping spot. Everyone else's camp had survived the storms and we didn't want to miss out on the rest of our trip just because all of our stuff was a little soggy.

And wouldn't you know it- the next morning we woke up to bright blue skies and... wait for it... SUNSHINE! By the time we got back down to camp, every towel, blanket, shirt, jacket, sheet (you name it!) was strung out all around the camping area soaking up the heat and sun. It was a glorious day!

26 January 2013- oz day weekend052

26 January 2013- oz day weekend051

26 January 2013- oz day weekend053

Had this weekend adventure gone to plan, we would have been well on our way home by that afternoon. The next day was a work day and the first day of school for all of the kids. But, as all good adventures go, plans changed and we ended up getting to spend another day and night at Rainbow Beach because of the flooded rivers and impassable roads all around the town. Awww darn! (not that I had anywhere to be anyway- maternity leave is just amazing like that)

26 January 2013- oz day weekend054

Since we couldn't get home and the beaches were still a bit crazy, we decided to head out for a day drive instead. As you can imagine, most of the tracks were closed due to floods or trees that had fallen down, but Bill and Max managed to find a few places to go.

26 January 2013- oz day weekend034

26 January 2013- oz day weekend035

26 January 2013- oz day weekend036

26 January 2013- oz day weekend038

26 January 2013- oz day weekend037

Under all of this water somewhere stands a bridge... and while the boys will drive through just about anything, not knowing what was beyond the bridge or how deep the water was stopped them this once (thankyoujesus!).

26 January 2013- oz day weekend039

Instead, we went another way that lead us through a... ahem... rather large puddle. Pictures of this can be found on Bill's phone camera and are not approved for the viewing of my fellow blog readers (like mine and Max's mum) because they might just be a little bit scary looking. As an alternative, look at the beautiful grassy plain we saw just beyond said puddle :)

26 January 2013- oz day weekend040

Our drive took us to a few different places. Through rivers and swamps and little towns that we never knew existed before...

26 January 2013- oz day weekend041

26 January 2013- oz day weekend042

26 January 2013- oz day weekend043

It was a good day and a great weekend.

26 January 2013- oz day weekend044


Thank you to everyone who checked in with us to make sure we were all safe. With little to no phone reception, I know many of you worried when you weren't able to get in touch. Sure it might sound like a crazy weekend and dangerous conditions, but we were perfectly safe the whole time. I know Max and I probably won't win the Parents of the Year Award for taking our little baby camping in weather like this, but then again, maybe we will!

I think having a baby can really change you; make you scared to take chances and live the life you use to live. As long as you are prepared, safe, put the needs of your baby before your own and keep everything in perspective, I don't see why you can continue to live a life full of adventures. I mean, what a story we will have to tell about Lachlan's first camping trip at 12 weeks old :)

Until next time friends....!


  1. I absolutely *love* that you guys are still going on adventures, and bringing Lachlan with you. Very much something we hope to do as well (one day!).

    Glad you guys were okay and ended up having such a great time anyway!!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I think Lachlan loves these adventures too :) At least that is what we tell ourselves!


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