Friday, February 1, 2013

australia day 2013.

Long before Lachlan was born, Max and I decided that Australia Day 2013 would be his first official camping adventure. At 12 weeks, surely he would be ready for a weekend at the beach... in a tent... in the middle of summer... on a rainy weekend. Right? RIGHT? Anyway, we made the plans and off we went for our first camping trip as a family of four!

At the last minute we decided to forgo our original camping location right on the beach and met up with a group of our friends at a little bit more of a protected area just off the beach. Turns out it was a good decision because the beach campers were actually evacuated a few hours later. We knew the forecast was for rain, but had no idea when they said "wind and rain" that they really meant "cyclonic wind" and "flooding rain".

I had grand plans to set up my camera and capture us setting up the camper trailer to make a fun time lapse video of the whole process so that you could see exactly what I was meaning when I said we bought a camper trailer. However, when we arrived, it was infact RAINING (shocker!) and the set up went something like... "quick, let's get this done before the real rain starts!" There was no time for messing around with cameras my friends.

Once we got the tent set up (see picture below) we settled in for the night and waited for the rest of our friends to arrive.

26 January 2013- oz day weekend011

The next morning was Australia Day (26 January) and so we started it off right with a true blue Aussie breaky of bacon and eggs (nothing too crazy).

26 January 2013- oz day weekend002

26 January 2013- oz day weekend003

[spying on a little baby through the tent window :)]
26 January 2013- oz day weekend001

26 January 2013- oz day weekend004

What followed breaky can only be described as hours and hours of rain.

26 January 2013- oz day weekend005

Light rain. Heavy rain. Light rain. Heavy rain. Wind. More rain...

26 January 2013- oz day weekend006

And what do you do when you are camping with a baby in the pouring rain? Hang out the your tent and take self portraits of course!

26 January 2013- oz day weekend049

26 January 2013- oz day weekend007

The rain stopped for a bit in the afternoon and everyone finally got to come out and play for a little while.

[Max and Bill]
26 January 2013- oz day weekend008

26 January 2013- oz day weekend009

26 January 2013- oz day weekend010

26 January 2013- oz day weekend012

26 January 2013- oz day weekend013

26 January 2013- oz day weekend014

And that night, to really ring in Australia day... it rained some more.

[Bill and his daughter, Chloe]
26 January 2013- oz day weekend017

[Byron and his rain gear]
26 January 2013- oz day weekend016

[the soaking wet de Baugy family!]
26 January 2013- oz day weekend015

After a full day in the rain we all settled in for a night of more rain and heavy winds.

to be continued....

[part two and part three]

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  1. You guys are so brave! I love it. Looking forward to the rest of this story :)
    Floating Along


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