Saturday, February 2, 2013

after the rain.

Saturday night brought with it lots of rain and lots of wind. The kind of rain and pounds down on the roof of your tent so hard that you can't really hear the person next to you talking. Sure, it was kind of scary but it actually lulled us all to sleep. Wrapped up in our semi-dry bed, we slept straight through the night and into the morning. 

At about 8am I jumped down from our bed and landed in a lake about ankle deep. It turns out that while we slept peacefully through the night, the water was slowly raising around our camper. It wasn't dangerous flooding or something that was a huge deal, it just meant that we picked a bit of a low lying area that just couldn't cope with the incredibly heavy rain.  

Of course, things were a bit crazy there for about an hour as we tried to pull our things out of this new lake and pack up the camper in the pouring rain. This is the only picture I ended up taking. It is my feet in the "shallow end" of our camper. The deep end was inside the main part of the tent and was too deep and dark to really see anything in pictures. 

The "shallow" end of the inside of our camper... #flooded #oops

An frantic hour later we were all packed up and sitting in our friend's beautiful, new, DRY caravan playing Rummy Cub and Uno. Once the rain stopped in the late afternoon I was able to take a few pictures of some of the crazy branches that fell in the storm.

26 January 2013- oz day weekend031

26 January 2013- oz day weekend032

It turns out that it was quite the storm and ended up flooding a bunch of rivers and roads in some of the nearby towns. The storm had started in northern Queensland and was slowly working its way down the coast and just happened to land in our area right smack in the middle of OUR long weekend- bummer!

26 January 2013- oz day weekend033

Slowly, very slowly, the rain started to clear and we even started to see something that looked like a little bit of... BLUE SKY!! We ventured across the street to watch the Bishops search for fishing bait and to catch a glimpse of this fleeting blue sky.

26 January 2013- oz day weekend018

26 January 2013- oz day weekend019

26 January 2013- oz day weekend023

26 January 2013- oz day weekend050

26 January 2013- oz day weekend021

26 January 2013- oz day weekend020

26 January 2013- oz day weekend022

26 January 2013- oz day weekend024

26 January 2013- oz day weekend027

26 January 2013- oz day weekend025

26 January 2013- oz day weekend029

26 January 2013- oz day weekend026

See! Blue Sky!

26 January 2013- oz day weekend028

26 January 2013- oz day weekend030

After a nice, long shower we all headed out for dinner at the local bowls club to celebrate Chloe's 12th birthday and our last night at Rainbow Beach... or was it?!??

To be continued... again :)

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