Monday, January 7, 2013

sundee drive.

A very common Aussie past time- the traditional Sundee drive. Okay, most people would just call it a SunDAY drive, but Max always says SundEE. Maybe just his accent? Or maybe he's just strange? We haven't decided yet ;).

If you know anything about me, you would know that I have always had a serious case of the motion sickness. Cars. Boats. Planes. Carnival rides. Looking at boats. Watching cars. Thinking about carnival rides... they all make me sick! I never understood people who liked to drive for hours and arrive in the same place they left from. I very clearly remember taking drivers ed the summer between my freshman and sophomore year. Arriving at my high school, being assigned a car with three other learner drivers and an instructor and driving around for hours and hours only to end up right back in the high school parking lot. TORTURE!

And then I met my dear, sweet, crazy driving husband....

Not only does my husband LOVE a good, long drive to basically nowhere, but he also loves driving "like a crazy person" as I call it. This, dear friends, is a carsick girl's worst nightmare. And since there was no changing Max's love for long drives, I started loading myself down with every nausea cure out there. Dramamine. Ginger tablets. Ginger gum. Pressure point wrist bands. I use them all!

So what is the Sundee drive all about you ask?? The Sundee drive usually takes place on a Sunday (imagine that?!) and consists of loading the family and picnic lunch in the car and taking off for an unknown destination. Sometimes it is planned and sometimes it is spontaneous. Sometimes they involve well known, paved roads and sometimes they involve crazy dirt tracks or soft beach sand. Ours- well they are mostly spontaneous and off the beaten track.

And lately we have been on a lot of Sundee drives!


This drive actually took place on a Wednesday and started off as a quick trip out to the country to visit some of our friends who live on 40 acres of beautiful views like this...

26 December 2012- Sundee drive012

Lachlan got to meet his very first cows, goats and sheep and Max got a sweet surprise from Lachlan's little tummy.

26 December 2012- Sundee drive001
Like most Sundee drives, this visit led to a "quick drive" over Mount Mee on some off road tracks through the bush and to the Gantry.

26 December 2012- Sundee drive003

26 December 2012- Sundee drive005

26 December 2012- Sundee drive002

As much as I use to not be the biggest fan of driving around for an entire day, it is pretty amazing how beautiful places like these are just a 30 minute drive from our house in suburbia.

26 December 2012- Sundee drive013

26 December 2012- Sundee drive009

26 December 2012- Sundee drive008

26 December 2012- Sundee drive006

26 December 2012- Sundee drive011

26 December 2012- Sundee drive010

Our next Sundee drive (on a Friday this time...) took us just up the road to a little town called Sandgate where we walked along the water's edge in the beautiful sunshine and crazy coastal breeze.

28 December 2012- Sundee drive001

28 December 2012- Sundee drive003

28 December 2012- Sundee drive002

28 December 2012- Sundee drive004

28 December 2012- Sundee drive005

[feeding the little bubba :) ]
28 December 2012- Sundee drive006

As much as I hate to admit it now, I have actually grown to love these adventures. A short drive in one direction and we can be at the vast countryside, thick rainforest or sunny coast.

What about you? Is the Sundee drive really just an Aussie past time or do people do this all over the world?


  1. If we ever make it to your side of the planet I would LOVE a sundee drive!! Usually I am the driver though - and I have realized lately that when I am passenger I tend to feel queasy :/

    1. I can promise you a Sundee drive when you come over!!!

  2. The secret to not feeling sick is to stay LOOSEY GOOSEY!


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