Thursday, January 24, 2013

late january thoughts.

Some random thoughts for this late January Thursday. WAIT- it's already late January!!! One month of 2013 is almost already gone?? Geeeze!

1. So... I joined the gym. I am nearly 12 weeks out from growing a human being and my body seems to be on a different page. Yes, I still look like I might be 6 months pregnant and nothing fits. Nothing. Even though I only gained 31 pounds while pregnant, when I got pregnant I was at my very heaviest. Since moving to Australia I kind of got lazy, old and well, just stopped exercising regularly. That's the down fall of being married to a naturally thin person. You forget that YOU aren't naturally thin. He is!

Anyway, so far I am loving the gym and feeling better. Better, not skinnier. It is too bad just wearing exercise clothes doesn't make you lose weight because I would be back to normal by now if that were the case. Either way, I will continue to shake, stretch and sculpt what my baby gave me until I can fit back in to, well, anything.

First post pregnancy workout. #dying

Wish me luck! I am going to need it...

2. We leave tomorrow for our first camping adventure with Lachlan. I am 95% excited and 5% scared out of my mind. It is actually supposed to rain the entire weekend which I'm sure will add a bit more adventure to our adventure. He is pretty much the best baby ever so I am sure everything will be fine. Right? RIGHT?? Maybe Byron will give him his first fishing lesson :) Updates and pictures to come!

The sweetest sleeping bubba :) #lovehimso

3.  Speaking of camping... we just bought a camper trailer and I can't wait to show all of you American readers out there just how amazing they are. It is like a tent on a trailer with a real queen sized bed inside. Okay, I didn't make that sound cool at all but trust me, it is awesome!

And if you ever want to witness a guaranteed argument between a husband and wife, watch them setup camp for the first time. Where should we put the tent? (cue disagreement) How do these poles go again?? (cue argument) Where did you put that damn hammer??? (cue meltdown over a stupid hammer) We decided to do a trial set up and pack up in our backyard with the new camper trailer just to get that initial argument out of the way. Phew... glad that one is over :)

4. Something really, REALLY exciting is happening in March. Lachlan and I are flying 25+ hours to Florida... alone. More on that later...

It's officially official! Lachlan and I will be in Florida for a visit in March!!!!

And of course, in order for Lachlan to travel internationally, he needs a passport which involves getting a passport photo taken. Ahem... have you ever SEEN a newborn baby's mug shot passport photo???

I think we will probably look back on Lachlan's first passport photo and laugh, hehe.

I am so sorry dear child. This has got to be one of the funniest photos of you to date!

5. Sometimes I just sit and look at my little baby boy and think about how crazy it is that I actually grew him. I mean, that is crazy right?!? I also think it is crazy that little tiny people can live and grow by drinking something that your body makes. Not only have I kept him alive for nearly 12 weeks, but he is growing like a weed!!! All from something that comes directly from me. That is just AMAZING friends!

Me and my boy :)

6. If you ever want to drive a post pregnant woman into a food depression, ask her to give up diary for four weeks. FOUR WEEKS WITHOUT CHEESE PEOPLE! Two weeks down, two weeks to go. And I should probably take this time to apologise to my husband for turning in to a crazy person all because I can't eat diary. I am sorry dear husband. 

Yummy #wouldbebetterwithcheese

But seriously... have you ever tired it?!?! There is diary in absolutely everything! I now have a new respect for people with food allergies.

Alright- I guess that is all for now. Happy Thursday Friends!!  

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