Saturday, January 26, 2013


26th January... It's Australia Day Mates!

And now for the annual Australia Day Sam Kekovich commercial. Enjoy :)

You can take Sam's lambnesia test here. Here are my results. Looks like I am off to eat some lamb burgers while watching cricket mates!


Happy Australia Day!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

late january thoughts.

Some random thoughts for this late January Thursday. WAIT- it's already late January!!! One month of 2013 is almost already gone?? Geeeze!

1. So... I joined the gym. I am nearly 12 weeks out from growing a human being and my body seems to be on a different page. Yes, I still look like I might be 6 months pregnant and nothing fits. Nothing. Even though I only gained 31 pounds while pregnant, when I got pregnant I was at my very heaviest. Since moving to Australia I kind of got lazy, old and well, just stopped exercising regularly. That's the down fall of being married to a naturally thin person. You forget that YOU aren't naturally thin. He is!

Anyway, so far I am loving the gym and feeling better. Better, not skinnier. It is too bad just wearing exercise clothes doesn't make you lose weight because I would be back to normal by now if that were the case. Either way, I will continue to shake, stretch and sculpt what my baby gave me until I can fit back in to, well, anything.

First post pregnancy workout. #dying

Wish me luck! I am going to need it...

2. We leave tomorrow for our first camping adventure with Lachlan. I am 95% excited and 5% scared out of my mind. It is actually supposed to rain the entire weekend which I'm sure will add a bit more adventure to our adventure. He is pretty much the best baby ever so I am sure everything will be fine. Right? RIGHT?? Maybe Byron will give him his first fishing lesson :) Updates and pictures to come!

The sweetest sleeping bubba :) #lovehimso

3.  Speaking of camping... we just bought a camper trailer and I can't wait to show all of you American readers out there just how amazing they are. It is like a tent on a trailer with a real queen sized bed inside. Okay, I didn't make that sound cool at all but trust me, it is awesome!

And if you ever want to witness a guaranteed argument between a husband and wife, watch them setup camp for the first time. Where should we put the tent? (cue disagreement) How do these poles go again?? (cue argument) Where did you put that damn hammer??? (cue meltdown over a stupid hammer) We decided to do a trial set up and pack up in our backyard with the new camper trailer just to get that initial argument out of the way. Phew... glad that one is over :)

4. Something really, REALLY exciting is happening in March. Lachlan and I are flying 25+ hours to Florida... alone. More on that later...

It's officially official! Lachlan and I will be in Florida for a visit in March!!!!

And of course, in order for Lachlan to travel internationally, he needs a passport which involves getting a passport photo taken. Ahem... have you ever SEEN a newborn baby's mug shot passport photo???

I think we will probably look back on Lachlan's first passport photo and laugh, hehe.

I am so sorry dear child. This has got to be one of the funniest photos of you to date!

5. Sometimes I just sit and look at my little baby boy and think about how crazy it is that I actually grew him. I mean, that is crazy right?!? I also think it is crazy that little tiny people can live and grow by drinking something that your body makes. Not only have I kept him alive for nearly 12 weeks, but he is growing like a weed!!! All from something that comes directly from me. That is just AMAZING friends!

Me and my boy :)

6. If you ever want to drive a post pregnant woman into a food depression, ask her to give up diary for four weeks. FOUR WEEKS WITHOUT CHEESE PEOPLE! Two weeks down, two weeks to go. And I should probably take this time to apologise to my husband for turning in to a crazy person all because I can't eat diary. I am sorry dear husband. 

Yummy #wouldbebetterwithcheese

But seriously... have you ever tired it?!?! There is diary in absolutely everything! I now have a new respect for people with food allergies.

Alright- I guess that is all for now. Happy Thursday Friends!!  

Sunday, January 20, 2013


So I just saw this commercial for the first time and spent the entire two minutes waiting for the joke. I kept thinking.... "this can't be real?!?" But oh- it is!

This is an American product that has just made its way all the way over here to Australia. Lucky us, haha. So, does anyone actually have one of these?? Are they really a real thing?

Either way, the commercial was pretty funny if you haven't seen it yet.

Friday, January 18, 2013

queen mary falls.

A few weekends ago (yeah, I know... I'm really behind these days!) we went on a long Sundee drive with our friends Chris, Teresa and their son Benjamin out to Queen Mary Falls.

6 January 2013- falls008

Chris and Teresa mapped out a perfect, daylong Sundee drive through the beautiful countryside that involved cows, a picnic lunch, a hike, a waterfall, lots of scenic lookouts, a lake and a yummy dinner at the pub to top it all off. We were so happy they asked us to come along!

Here are a few pictures from our adventures that day... enjoy!

6 January 2013- falls003

6 January 2013- falls002

6 January 2013- falls005

6 January 2013- falls004

6 January 2013- falls019

6 January 2013- falls006

6 January 2013- falls021

6 January 2013- falls007

6 January 2013- falls018

6 January 2013- falls009

6 January 2013- falls023

6 January 2013- falls020

6 January 2013- falls010

6 January 2013- falls011

6 January 2013- falls022

6 January 2013- falls013

6 January 2013- falls012

6 January 2013- falls014

6 January 2013- falls017

6 January 2013- falls015

6 January 2013- falls016

It was a fantastic day!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

house warming.

My best friend, Evan, and her husband, Jeff, bought their very first house a few months ago. After looking for months and months... and months, to say they were excited to have finally found exactly what they were looking for might be a bit of an understatement.

It was an exciting day!

Ever since they made this huge purchase, they have been working their tails off to fix it up and make it "home". After getting some of the major projects completed, they have decided the time has come to set down their hammers and shovels and celebrate this big step in their lives. And what better way to celebrate than with a PIG ROAST!

Evan asked me if I would help her create and invitation for the party and of course, I was more than willing. After a few conversations about what she was looking for and what she wanted it to say, I came up with this little number:

{Of course they don't actually live at "123 That Street" 
but I thought for privacy sake, I should keep them a little bit anonymous :)}

Anyway, I guess the point is... even though I can't be there in person for the party, I am so glad I was able to help from my computer here in Australia. With technology these days (Skype, Whats App, Email) there is really no reason why you can't continue to and be involved with your friend's special events. Sure you might be thousands of miles away, but you can still get involved in some way or another... that is, if they want you to of course!

It meant so much to me that she asked for my help and can't wait to hear how the party goes!!! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Ask and you shall receive! A few of your FAQ's from the last few months...

1. Why do you blog?

I honestly started this blog because I wanted a place where I could share my pictures with family and friends. I had just gotten my first real camera and was excited to show off some of my skills :) Looking back on older posts now, it is easy to see how much I have improved... and how much more I have to learn!!

I also blog because I think it is a really fun way to document our lives. A digital scrapbook of sorts that will be here to read forever. I often find myself going back and reading old posts; reminding me of some of the fun things we've done, thoughts I've had and adventures we been on. These are memories and pictures that might have been forgotten or lost somewhere on my computer had I not documented them on here.

And finally, the main reason I continue this blog is to help keep our family and friends updated on our lives. It helps keep my American friends and family up to date with our life over here, making the distance not seem so far. I also secretly hope that my stories and pictures inspire people to come visit us as well, hehe. Is it working??!!

[A few of my amazing friends who came to visit back in February 2011]
12 January 2013- faq001

Of course, this blog is only a fraction of our lives and what we do. I would really like to start writing more meaningful posts instead of just recapping our weekends and trips to the beach. I enjoy reading blogs where people tell story's about the good, the bad and the funny and want to keep evolving in hopes of inspiring and helping others by normalizing the ups and downs of real life through sharing my photos and thoughts.

2. How did you and Max meet?

After finishing up my graduate program at the University of Florida (GO GATORS!), I decided to venture off in to the unknown (Australia) for a year before settling down and starting my career. Through a series of crazy happenings, my travel buddy, Jenna, and I ended up in a tiny, TINY town serving drinks at a pub (the story leading us to this place will have to be reserved for a post of its own, but I'll tell you now, it is a good one!). In the meantime, Max had decided to take a short term job in the same town, flying in and out for a few months. The cliff notes version of our story goes something like this...

Girl works in pub and serves same people day in and day out. One day, a new Boy arrives at the pub for a few games of pool. Boy orders drinks and Girl introduces herself to him. Boy is shy but Girl keeps talking to him anyway. Boy and Girl finally decide to have a meal together, after which Boy walks Girl home and nervously kisses her on the hand (something Boy and Girl both still laugh about today).

[my first weekend in Brisbane with Max- oh, young love]
12 January 2013- faq003

Boy and Girl spend every nonworking hour together, make plans to travel the world and quit their jobs. Boy and Girl travel the world (or a few places at least) and meet each other's families where Boy decides to ask Girl's dad THE question. Boy and Girl travel back to Boy's home where Boy gets down on one knee and puts a shinny ring on Girls finger. A year later Boy and Girl marry and two years after that, welcome a beautiful baby boy.

[Thailand, 2009]
12 January 2013- faq004

The End... for now anyway.

3. Why did you move to Australia?

This question could probably be answered in the form of a chapter book, but in an effort to not bore you to death, I'll try and keep this answer short and sweet.

Basically, my "move" to Australia was an accident. My intentions were to come over here for a year to experience life outside my little southern American bubble. After meeting Max, and then Byron, I knew moving here was the right thing to do.

[Max's birthday- 2009. Look how little Byron was back then!!]
12 January 2013- faq002

My dream is to eventually move back "home" for at least a portion of our lives so that our children will know and understand where I come from as well. Every year we reevaluate our timeline, which seems to grow longer the more settled we get as a family. Byron has one more year of high school, after which we might actually look at making some real plans (fingers crossed). If someone could find us both reliable jobs and an awesome house in a location where Max would feel a bit at home, we might be able to move sooner... Any ideas are welcome :)

4. What kind of camera do you use?

I use a Canon Rebel T2i with both a 15-135 mm 3.5 and 50 mm 1.8 lens (with the 50 mm being by far my favourite). This is an amazing camera for beginners like myself because you can experiment and play with the manual settings, but there are also a bunch of different automatic settings you can use while you are still in the process of learning. I usually shoot in AP but still use the manual settings from time to time. I really want to learn a lot more and graduate to manual soon :) I would also LOVE a new lens but can't decide which one I get next... any suggestions??

5. What program do you use to edit your photos?

I use Photoshop Elements 9/10 to do all of my editing. I recently upgraded to CS5 but got overwhelmed and haven't played with it in a while. I try and keep the editing down to a minimum because it can be soo time consuming if you get too carried away. I find that the Elements version of Photoshop really does everything (and more) that I could ever want but I would recommend taking advantage of the 30 day free trial before you make any purchases. Also, there are tons and tons of free Photoshop tutorials online if have no idea where to start. 

6. Do you make pregnancy videos for other people?

Well, I never have before but would be happy to help anyone make a video! For some reason when I uploaded mine on to Vimeo it came out a bit blurry and not as sharp and focused as the version on my computer. I still need to see what can be done about this, but would be more than happy to help you make a pregnancy time-lapse if you are interested :)

I grew a person! from Michelle de Baugy on Vimeo.

7. Seriously, what is up with your spelling?!

Okay, no one has ever actually asked me about this before, but I often wonder what people think when they read this poorly written blog that is full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes so I thought I would explain...

Firstly, I do sometimes (okay, not very often) proof read my posts before I publish them but being that spelling has always been my personal achilles heel (yes, I just looked up how to spell achilles!) I don't often catch my own mistakes. You know how your brain sometimes sees what you meant to write and not what you actually wrote. Well, mine does that all of the time. Sorry.

Secondly, since moving to Australia I am constantly torn between the idea of switching to all Aussie spellings, keeping my roots planted firmly with my American ways or just using a bit of everything. Referring back to point one, I decided to use a bit of everything in hopes that people who read this blog just assume when something is spelled (or spelt is you say in Australia) incorrectly it must be because I am using American/Australian spellings or terms instead of thinking I am just in ignorant fool. So yea, I write and spell fluently in American, Australian and Michellan.

And finally, I like to write this blog in a very informal, conversation-like format with lots and lots of commas and "..." After years and years of schooling I am well versed in the art of academic writing, but on here I, just, really, like, to, use, commas, okay?!? :)

8. Did you make Lachlan's baby announcement?

Yes! I conned my poor husband into helping me take this picture of our 1 week old baby on top of a pile of books :) What did we learn? Newborn photography is really hard!

birth announcement

After designing the announcement, I struggled to find a place to get them printed. I ended up going with Tiny Prints (an American company) and had them shipped over to me in Brisbane. Even though I designed the announcement myself, I ended up paying an arm and a leg to get them printed so if anyone knows of a company that does quality printing for invitations, cards and photography, please send their contact information my way! I would be forever grateful!!

9. How so I start a blog of my own?

So you want to start a blog of you own do you? Well, good news- It is so, so easy!

There are heaps of free blog hosts out there for you to choose from. I went with Blogger myself but know a lot of people who use Wordpress as well. All you have to do is create an account, choose a template and start writing! As you get more interested or involved, you can think about buying your own domain name (like what I did: and making your blog a bit more personalised by creating your own headers, playing with HTML code and maybe even creating our own website. I have stuck with Blogger myself and just changed a few things slightly to make it more personal while still keeping it super simple and "clean" looking. If you have any questions about starting your own blog, feel free to ask away!

10. I really want to make a digital scrapbook. Where do I start?

I wrote a post on this a few months ago. You can find that here!

[a sample digital scrapbook page]
20 January 2012- IPPL1

Okay, I think that is enough FAQs for today, but if you have more questions for me about... whatever... just leave a comment on my blog, send me a message on facebook or email me at

And speaking of contacting me... thank you so much to everyone who has been contacting me lately. Old friends, new friends... people who I had no idea even read this blog- THANK YOU! While keeping this blog updated is a lot of work, it always makes me so happy when I hear from people who enjoy it and maybe even get a little something out of it as well. If you enjoy the blog and want to show your support I would love it if you became a "follower".


Until next time :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

sundee drive.

A very common Aussie past time- the traditional Sundee drive. Okay, most people would just call it a SunDAY drive, but Max always says SundEE. Maybe just his accent? Or maybe he's just strange? We haven't decided yet ;).

If you know anything about me, you would know that I have always had a serious case of the motion sickness. Cars. Boats. Planes. Carnival rides. Looking at boats. Watching cars. Thinking about carnival rides... they all make me sick! I never understood people who liked to drive for hours and arrive in the same place they left from. I very clearly remember taking drivers ed the summer between my freshman and sophomore year. Arriving at my high school, being assigned a car with three other learner drivers and an instructor and driving around for hours and hours only to end up right back in the high school parking lot. TORTURE!

And then I met my dear, sweet, crazy driving husband....

Not only does my husband LOVE a good, long drive to basically nowhere, but he also loves driving "like a crazy person" as I call it. This, dear friends, is a carsick girl's worst nightmare. And since there was no changing Max's love for long drives, I started loading myself down with every nausea cure out there. Dramamine. Ginger tablets. Ginger gum. Pressure point wrist bands. I use them all!

So what is the Sundee drive all about you ask?? The Sundee drive usually takes place on a Sunday (imagine that?!) and consists of loading the family and picnic lunch in the car and taking off for an unknown destination. Sometimes it is planned and sometimes it is spontaneous. Sometimes they involve well known, paved roads and sometimes they involve crazy dirt tracks or soft beach sand. Ours- well they are mostly spontaneous and off the beaten track.

And lately we have been on a lot of Sundee drives!


This drive actually took place on a Wednesday and started off as a quick trip out to the country to visit some of our friends who live on 40 acres of beautiful views like this...

26 December 2012- Sundee drive012

Lachlan got to meet his very first cows, goats and sheep and Max got a sweet surprise from Lachlan's little tummy.

26 December 2012- Sundee drive001
Like most Sundee drives, this visit led to a "quick drive" over Mount Mee on some off road tracks through the bush and to the Gantry.

26 December 2012- Sundee drive003

26 December 2012- Sundee drive005

26 December 2012- Sundee drive002

As much as I use to not be the biggest fan of driving around for an entire day, it is pretty amazing how beautiful places like these are just a 30 minute drive from our house in suburbia.

26 December 2012- Sundee drive013

26 December 2012- Sundee drive009

26 December 2012- Sundee drive008

26 December 2012- Sundee drive006

26 December 2012- Sundee drive011

26 December 2012- Sundee drive010

Our next Sundee drive (on a Friday this time...) took us just up the road to a little town called Sandgate where we walked along the water's edge in the beautiful sunshine and crazy coastal breeze.

28 December 2012- Sundee drive001

28 December 2012- Sundee drive003

28 December 2012- Sundee drive002

28 December 2012- Sundee drive004

28 December 2012- Sundee drive005

[feeding the little bubba :) ]
28 December 2012- Sundee drive006

As much as I hate to admit it now, I have actually grown to love these adventures. A short drive in one direction and we can be at the vast countryside, thick rainforest or sunny coast.

What about you? Is the Sundee drive really just an Aussie past time or do people do this all over the world?

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