Thursday, December 20, 2012

missing her.

I know everyone thinks they have the best mom. But let me tell you- my mom is SERIOUSLY the best of the best! The most thoughtful. The most loving. The most beautiful. And my best friend.

Drat- I just made myself cry writing that because I just miss her so much!

Moving on....

27 November 2012- mimi001

Having my mom here after Lachlan's arrival was like a little gift from heaven. She was such an AMAZING help with everything from cooking and cleaning to shopping and loving up on her little baby grandson.

27 November 2012- mimi004

She was around every day for an entire month to help keep me sane... and keep me company of course!

27 November 2012- mimi003

We spent a lot of time just sitting around staring at Lachlan's little toes and ears and lips and listening to his baby sounds and watching him sleep. You know, all that good new born baby stuff.

27 November 2012- mimi002

Mom also took on the huge job of helping with all of the house work. Okay- so she pretty much did EVERYTHING for me (thank you, thank you, thank you!).

2 December 2012- laundry001

She even learned to do laundry the Aussie way by hanging everything on the line to dry instead of using the dryer.

2 December 2012- laundry002

2 December 2012- laundry004

Isn't it funny how you always revert right back to being a child when your mom is around? Like letting her cook for you even though she is the guest at your house. Wait, you don't do that?!?! Okay, maybe I am a bad host but I just can't help letting my momma take care of me. She just does such a great job :)

2 December 2012- laundry006

2 December 2012- laundry005

Max also commissioned her to help with the installation of his new front bumper... See- she is the best!

2 December 2012- betsy006

Unfortunately, this custom made bumper didn't exactly fit the way it was supposed to which didn't make Max overly happy.

2 December 2012- betsy001

2 December 2012- betsy002

Lucky for him, he had mom there to point out the problems :)

2 December 2012- betsy003

2 December 2012- betsy004

And between the two of them, wouldn't you know... they figured it out!

2 December 2012- betsy007

2 December 2012- betsy005

Don't worry though. We were sure to balance out the long days at home taking care of Lachlan and everyday life stuff with several adventures and time out with friends.

She has been gone for exactly one week now and I have missed her every single day since. And it isn't about missing the extra help around the house. I miss her company, her kind words when I wasn't sure what I was doing and her loving heart.

Drat- crying again :)


And of course, a little picture of our sleeping boy just for good measure.

1 December 2012- kings cliff003


  1. Yeah.... Pretty much no one uses a dryer here! We have one and I use it all the time but now that I am home during the day I am trying hard to use the clothes line like a good Aussie :) just another difference between here and home!


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