Sunday, December 30, 2012

merry christmas eve.

After finding out about our little bean growing inside of me, we called Max's mum and Matt and invited them over to our house for Christmas this year. I knew Nana Val would be dying to met her newest grandson and thought a family Christmas would be the perfect time for them to met.

And two days after our last house guests left, Nana Val and Poppy Matt arrived for Christmas (our guest room has a revolving door these days, hehe).

22 December 2012- nana and poppy001

I can't really speak for Nana and Poppy, but I am pretty sure they thought Lachlan was the most adorable baby around. You know, as most grandparents do!

22 December 2012- nana and poppy002

22 December 2012- nana and poppy003

Since Byron was leaving for holidays with his Mum's family on Christmas Eve, Santa decided to visit our house a day early so he could open his presents with us too.

24 December 2012- Christmas Eve001

24 December 2012- Christmas Eve011

24 December 2012- Christmas Eve009

Turns out Byron was on Santa's "nice" list this year... which was no surprise to us.

24 December 2012- Christmas Eve003

24 December 2012- Christmas Eve004

24 December 2012- Christmas Eve010

And while we watched big brother open all of his gifts...

24 December 2012- Christmas Eve005

Little brother had a little nap on Daddy. Apparently watching Byron open gifts isn't that exciting when you are 7 weeks old.

24 December 2012- Christmas Eve012

Byron was so excited about the 108 newborn nappies he opened until he realised the box was actually full of new motorbike gear. Phew!

24 December 2012- Christmas Eve006

I was so looking forward to our first family Christmas and was really glad Byron was able to spend the day with us. Sure it wasn't actually Christmas, but we were all together in one room on Christmas Eve, which is pretty darn close.

Merry Christmas Eve, from our little family to yours!!

24 December 2012- Christmas Eve007

The de Baugy boys :)

24 December 2012- Christmas Eve008

More on our Christmas Day festivities to come... but until then I would love to know how you split your holidays. Do you or did you grow up as a part of a split family? Do you celebrate holidays with multiple families on different days or alternate each year? How do you make it work and what tips do you have?? I would love to know :)

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