Tuesday, December 18, 2012

first night out.

When Max received an invitation to his annual work Christmas party a few weeks ago, we decided it would be a great occasion for us to have our first date night post baby. My mom was still here and couldn't agree to babysit Lachlan fast enough.

After a few shopping trips for SOMETHING to fit over my post-pregnancy body, some food preparation expressing for Lachlan and a shinny, new pair of black heels, we were ready!

  8 December 2012- christmas party003

The theme was "Priscilla Queen of Construction" which was a play off the well known Australian classic, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Neither Max nor I had ever heard of or seen this movie (well known movie to everyone except us I guess??) but were told it was about three drag queens travelling through the outback on a bus tour.

[Fun Fact: This movie was turned in to a musical in 2006 and made it all the way to Broadway in 2011]

Yes- Drag Queen themed Christmas party.... humm...

We decided to leave our fishnet stockings and fake eyelashes as home and wear these crazy hats instead.

8 December 2012- christmas party004

A few of Max's coworkers created these hats for all of the Thiess employees from his job, Trackstar Alliance. They ended up being amazing because it made it so much easier to find and meet people from Max's job site amongst the hundreds of people that were there from Thiess.

8 December 2012- christmas party001

Thiess, the company that Max works for, is one of Australia's largest construction contractors operating both nationally and in several international locations as well. I am not sure what exactly we were expecting from a company Christmas party... but this FAR exceeded our wildest expectations! It was probably the biggest and most well put together event I have ever been to. EVER.

8 December 2012- christmas party002

While we just stuck to the usual Christmas party attire (minus the crazy hats) there were definitely some others who really got in to the theme!

8 December 2012- christmas party005

It was actually amazing how in to it everyone got. Apparently the annual Thiess Christmas party is always huge, amazing and over the top and this year was no different.

Complete with entertainment, a live show, bands, food, drinks...

8 December 2012- christmas party006

and of course, DRAG QUEENS!

8 December 2012- christmas party007

While we probably did not stay as late, drink as much or party as hard as we would have pre-Lachlan, it was a wonderfully fun night out on the town!

Thanks so much to my mom for babysitting Lachlan for the evening and to Thiess for throwing such an amazing party. We are really looking forward to what is in store for next year...

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