Wednesday, December 12, 2012

boys day out.

From day one, Byron and Jim (aka Dad, King...) got along like a house on fire. When Byron was in Florida for our wedding back in 2010, everything was about Jim. If Jim was going to the store, then Byron wanted to go too. If Jim was playing with the boats, then Byron wanted to play with the boats too. When Jim went to work, Byron even asked to go along too! Jim this... Jim that... They just had a great time together and we were all thankful that their friendship happened so naturally.

24 November 2012- boys day001

Since it had been a few years since Byron and Jim had spent any time together, we wanted to make sure they had a day away from the house (and the baby) to do some grownup boy things.

24 November 2012- boys day002

And as all holidays do, Dad's week here in Brisbane flew by and before we knew it, it was his last day! In order to get in some real man time and another new adventure for Dad, the Max and Byron decided to take him out 4-wheel driving with a few of Byron's mates.

24 November 2012- boys day003

So at 9am on Saturday morning the house filled with boys talking about cars and wheels and engines... and other random things I am not really sure about.

24 November 2012- boys day004

After some bacon and eggs (real man food!) the boys took off for the day to show Dad a bit more of what they like to do.

24 November 2012- boys day005

Byron got to show Jim some of his 4-wheel driving skills...

24 November 2012- boys day006

and Dad got to see a bit more of the beautiful Brisbane landscape.

24 November 2012- boys day007

24 November 2012- boys day008

You see, a lot of the these outings are about driving around until you find the biggest hill, deepest mud hole, craziest ditch... (you get the idea) and watch people try to navigate their way through. So fun (right???).

24 November 2012- boys day009

Everyone watches as each 4-wheel drive has a go at accomplishing what looks like the unaccomplishable. And sure, sometimes people get stuck and need to be towed out or have to swallow their pride and turn around, but that is the fun of the whole adventure (or so I am told).

24 November 2012- boys day010

24 November 2012- boys day020

Really, it is a lot of standing around and watching while other people drive over and through things that you would have never thought were possible.

24 November 2012- boys day013

I guess I can see the fun in that... but I usually go along for the views :) I mean, you have to admit that this is pretty spectacular even if dirt and cars aren't really your thing.

24 November 2012- boys day014

Oh yeah- and sometimes wheels just fall off cars??

24 November 2012- boys day015

24 November 2012- boys day019

And after a full day of mud and dirt and driving and watching driving, they returned home with these pictures and lots of stories.

24 November 2012- boys day016

24 November 2012- boys day017

24 November 2012- boys day018

And while I think Dad thought he knew what he was getting himself into before the day began... he had a great time with the boys, experiencing totally new and different things all while spending time with Max and Byron.

What more could a girl ask for?!?

(All of these photos were taken by my Dad... which is sadly why he is not actually in any of them. But I promise, he was there too!!)

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  1. I was wondering who took the pics. He's a great photographer...and the steering wheel is on the opposite side?? How did I not know this?1


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