Tuesday, December 11, 2012

adventures with mimi and king.

Usually when we have visitors from overseas we do our best to plan as many exciting outings and Australian-type adventures as we can. Sometimes they involve touristy things like a trip to the Whitsundays or snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef and sometimes they involve more everyday things that we like to see and do around Brisbane,like trips to the beach or a drive through the mountains.

However, Mimi and King's trip down unda this time around was a little different. Instead of preplanning any adventures, we decided to take things easy since I was only 1.5 weeks out from giving birth. Instead we took each day as it came and did low key things like going out for lunch, day drives to local places and a lot of chilling at the house.

We went and explored Old Petrie Village followed by lunch in Samford.

18 November 2012- adventures003

(Sleeping baby....)

18 November 2012- adventures001

18 November 2012- adventures002

We went on our usual trip to the city for a stroll around South Bank where we had lunch at my favourite place...

18 November 2012- adventures004

Beastie Burgers!!

18 November 2012- adventures005

18 November 2012- adventures008

18 November 2012- adventures010

18 November 2012- adventures009

Dad had actually never been down there before so it was nice to show him something new.

18 November 2012- adventures011

18 November 2012- adventures015

18 November 2012- adventures014

18 November 2012- adventures013

18 November 2012- adventures012

(Sleeping baby... Again)

18 November 2012- adventures006

18 November 2012- adventures007

Mimi even cooked us a mini Thanksgiving dinner!

18 November 2012- adventures016

Which this little turkey decided he did not like...

18 November 2012- adventures018

18 November 2012- adventures017

Along with a few other meals out, a BBQ with friends and a doctors appointment, that was pretty much the adventures that were had during Lachlan's third week of life.

Adventures with Mimi and king make this little boy happy!

18 November 2012- adventures019


  1. you took your parents to beastie burgers! yummy! such a good recommendation mich :)

  2. Is that a beach in the middle of the city??

    1. Yes! It is a man made beach right on the Brisbane River. Since you can swim in the river they created this place called South Bank. It is really, really pretty. Can't wait to take Lachlan for a swim here when he gets a bit older ;)


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