Saturday, November 17, 2012

lessons in motherhood.

Two weeks old! Our little guy is already two weeks old and as much as it used to annoy me when I would hear people say this, I am a mamma now and so I am going to say it too.

It is already going too fast! 

I mean, wasn't he just a little grain of rice on that ultrasound screen just yesterday??

Moving on...

We are two weeks in and already I have learned so many new things about what it is like to be a real life mommy. Many of these lessons I had heard from friends or read in books, but it is always different when you start to experience them yourself. Every baby is unique and every mother will have her own unique experiences, but I thought I would share a few of the top lessons I have learned thus far.

Mimi and the sleepy baby :)

1. Giving birth is probably one of the most taxing things that can happen to the human body (for both you and your baby). However, unlike most situations when one undergoes a major medical procedure, there is no rest or down time afterwards. No matter how many hours you were pushing or how many stitches you may or may not have gotten in different (and sometimes very sensitive!) areas of your body- the show must go on. You are a mamma now and that baby needs you- bleeding, sore and tired. But the weirdest part is, none of that matters at all because you need that baby just as much as he needs you. Unconditional love is an amazingly powerful thing!

Love me some accidental baby smiles

2. Two words- Power Poo. Have you ever seen the movie The Change Up?? Well, there is this one particularly unreal scene where one of the characters has a rather unpleasant incident while changing a baby's diaper. Do you know the scene I am talking about? Well, THAT CAN ACTUALLY HAPPEN PEOPLE! Maybe not to that extreme, but it happens- trust me :)

Little monkey feet ❤

3. Breast feeding is hard... Let me rephrase that- breast feeding properly so that your toes don't curl up and your eyes don't water every time you feed is hard!

Early morning feeding with my two babies

4. You can never have too many pictures of your sleeping newborn. Both mine and Max's phones are completely full of pictures of Lachlan followed by texts to each other about how amazing and beautiful our son is. I know, I know. We have turned into "those people" and I honestly couldn't be happier about it.

Our little frog  he loves to cuddle like this on his daddy's chest :)

5. Pregnancy hormones are crazy, but post pregnancy hormones are even crazier!! Especially at 3am when you are sleep deprived. Or when your husband has to go back to work and you miss him like crazy. Or just when you feel so overcome with happiness that it pours out of your eyes in the form of tears. I mean, really, they are crazy those hormones!


6. Investing in a comfy chair to feed in is vital. We bought a glider that reclines and I can't say enough about how happy I am with that purchase! You end up spending hours everyday in that chair so make sure you are happy with it because it can make all the difference. Even if I never use it again (which is completely unlikely because it is super comfy) it was still worth the investment times ten!

Slowly becoming friends :) I think Toby is warming up to this new little squeaker!

7. And finally... I hate to brag, but I am one mean swaddling machine!! The key to a good swaddle is to use a larger muslin baby blanket and make it nice and tight. I have become an expert already and might even do a tutorial if you are lucky :)

Our first family outing... And it's to the hardware store, haha.

Well that's all for now friends. Good Night.

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