Wednesday, October 10, 2012

study buddy.

Last week Max had to do an upgrade course for one of his certificates for his job. It was a two day course with one night of "homework" and you would have thought they were asking the guy complete his PhD in one day with the amount of whining he did about it!

3 October 2012- study001

3 October 2012- study004

You see, Max is not a school and/or study type person. He is a lets get in there and DO it type person.  I mean, he LOVES to read. In fact, he is almost always reading two books at any given time. He also loves to learn. Learning about cars or dirt bikes or even the latest legislation on safety requirements for backhoes and diggers (work mumbo jumbo...) but school work just ain't his thing!

3 October 2012- study006

Lucky for him, he had a study buddy who was willing to listen to his complaints and keep him company while he did his homework. Because, lets be honest, after 20+ years of schooling myself, I had little sympathy for a two day upgrade course and ONE NIGHT of homework.

3 October 2012- study002

I know. I am a mean wife. But this guy... well he knew exactly how Max felt. Tobycat- a man's best friend :)

3 October 2012- study003

3 October 2012- study007

[Burn Doritos- brain food, haha]

3 October 2012- study005

And at the end of this second day of "school", Max left that classroom with his updated certificate and a hope that he will never have to go back to "school" again.

Good work babe. I am proud of you!! :)

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