Saturday, October 13, 2012

soap box.

So how was your week? Mine, well- I've had better. 

While I don't usually do this whole "standing up on my soap box and telling you how it is" kind of thing, this week taught me some lessons that just need to be shared. Maybe you are having a tough week. Year. Life.... and this little pep talk might help you too!

Lesson 1: 


We all have them. People in our lives that clearly let us know that they do NOT share this view. They are happy to use you, abuse you, take advantage of you and expect you to just take it. Well guess what-  YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THAT ANYMORE :) 

YOU are the boss of YOUR life. 

YOU make the rules in YOUR HOUSE. 

YOU get to choose the life YOU live... not someone else. 

What? But you don't want to rock the boat? You don't want to upset these people? You are afraid?

Well don't be because.... enter Lesson 2:


If you are following your heart and doing what you know deep down is right, good, moral, coming from a place of love... then YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING. Sure you might be criticised for it at first. Sure $h!# might hit the fan, but I am telling you right now- it has to happen. YOU HAVE TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. YOUR FAMILY. YOUR LIFE. 

I have been having a very hard time with things lately and instead of doing something about it, I have just continued to let it happen. For months. Okay, maybe years. 

What's that? You have been doing the same thing? 

Well don't do it anymore. This is your life my friends. Your one and only life. And if you find yourself in tears every night because everything is just too much- well then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Don't act in anger. Don't say things you will regret or use words that are hurtful. Be honest and upfront and truthful and firm. You are a person too. A person with a life, feelings, rights, responsibilities. 

And you know what else? Once the dust settles, the boats stop rocking and everyone has finally heard you... you might have to say it again. Changing patterns and standing up for yourself isn't easy and it certainly doesn't happen over night. But I'll tell you this right now - it is WORTH IT. And in the end everyone will be happier because of it.

ps. sorry for all of the SHOUTING, but isn't that what you do when you stand on a soap box?? This is my first time :)


  1. Well said. Standing on that soapbox after plenty on thoughts and prayers I am sure. Yea for all of you. Things have a way of gettting better when you do. Hugs.....

  2. This post was filled with so much good advice.
    I needed to read it. I even needed the shouting!

  3. I totally agree with you! It's hard sometimes, but it's possible to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get on. Also, I checked out your previous post and have decided that (if I ever move somewhere) I am coming to Australia.


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