Tuesday, October 23, 2012


To celebrate the 16th birthday of a very, VERY special teenager, Max and Byron spent the entire weekend doing different Father/Son adventures together. It started on Saturday with a day at the Gold Coast 600 in a corporate box watching the V8 Supercars followed by a day of 4-wheel driving (4WD) at Woodford with friends.

While they reported back to me every few hours, I am neither a father nor a son so I wasn't part of the  adventures this weekend (not to mention I really like to give them time alone together when I can). Having a 9.5 month pregnant stepmom/wife hanging around isn't exactly the most exciting thing either.

That being said, since I wasn't there I wasn't able to get any pictures of Byron's birthday adventures (frown). However, late Sunday afternoon Max rang me and asked me to come meet them down at the local creek where they were hanging out. I jumped at the opportunity to get out of the house and drove down there to meet them.

21 October 2012- youngs crossings001

After a full day in the hot, dusty forest the boys were looking for a cool place to cool off- enter Youngs Crossing on North Pine River!

21 October 2012- youngs crossings003

21 October 2012- youngs crossings004

We aren't exactly sure if you are technically allowed to swim down here but it doesn't seem to stop anyone.

21 October 2012- youngs crossings002

21 October 2012- youngs crossings005

There were about 40 other people there enjoying the cold water and hot sunshine. This little girl was the cutest!

21 October 2012- youngs crossings006

I even spotted an almost extinct creature... we call him "the teenager!"

21 October 2012- youngs crossings008

The water felt so good that I decided bathing suit or not- I was going for a swim too!

21 October 2012- youngs crossings018

Every night for the past month I have been coming home from work telling Max how much I wish I had somewhere I could go and just float...

21 October 2012- youngs crossings009

So that is what I did! I floated for a good 20 minutes in the fresh, cold water... and if felt sooooo good!

21 October 2012- youngs crossings010

Father and son :)

21 October 2012- youngs crossings012

Byron's friend, Troy.

21 October 2012- youngs crossings015

And I even managed to capture a SMILE!!!  A genuine smile!!! And if you can remember back to your teen years- those genuine smiles are hard to come by these days!

21 October 2012- youngs crossings013

21 October 2012- youngs crossings016

21 October 2012- youngs crossings014

Me in all my soaking wet, 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant glory. Yikes!!

21 October 2012- youngs crossings011

21 October 2012- youngs crossings017

And from what I have been told, the boys had a wonderful weekend hanging out together, celebrating a very special birthday for a very special son.

21 October 2012- youngs crossings007

And now if you will excuse me, I have some brownies to bake, birthday dinner to cook and teenager to celebrate :)

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