Wednesday, October 3, 2012

my handyman.

A special thanks to the Queen for allowing us another holiday in honour of her birthday and giving us Queenslanders a much needed three day weekend. However, a big boooo to Mother Nature who decided to punish us with grey, rainy... almost cold weather that, in all honesty, we actually needed because every single day can't be perfect, right?!?


Moving on....

For the last... ummm... 8 months or so, Max and I have been talking about a few different updates for the house. You know, fun stuff like replacing the gutters, installing new interior doors, buying front porch light fittings. Oh wait! You're right. That's not FUN!

1 October 2012- doors007

Because we were thinking about moving and then not... and then thinking about it again and then not, we had yet to actually DO anything on our list of fun, let's waste our weekend working on the house, projects. That is until this weekend... Muwaaahahah (<= evil laugh!)

1 October 2012- doors004

Much to Max's dismay, I insisted we stay home this weekend and FINALLY replace all of our interior doors like we had talked about 8 months ago.  We are quickly running out of time and will not only have a baby soon, but a house full of guests for the two months that follow the arrival of said baby. It was now or never for the doors and being the pregnant wife- I won and it was NOW :)

1 October 2012- doors001

You would think that hanging doors wouldn't be that hard. Measure door, buy door, hang door. But I am here to tell you that is not the case. Did you know that even though doors are sold in generic sizes, that each and every door is actually slightly different?!?  Meaning, every single door needs to be measured and cut to fit perfectly in the frame... (sigh...).

1 October 2012- doors006

My job was to remove all of the door handles and eventually (once we actually cut the holes for the handles in the new doors) put them back on again. But hey- was it better than the other job Max asked me to do which was to chisel the paint out of screws from the last time we gave the doors a facelift and painted the hinges on instead of doing it properly and taking the doors off before we painted.

Bring on the door handle removalist I say!

1 October 2012- doors002

7 door knobs, 7 door handles, 14 doors, 28 hinges, 168 screws and two days later, we (and by we I mean mainly Max) finished hanging the doors.

1 October 2012- doors003

The old doors....

1 October 2012- doors008

The new door on the linen closet (primed but not painted yet...)

1 October 2012- doors005

And while it might take another 8 months to actually install the door handles and paint all of the doors, I am already happy with the progress we have made. And deep down, somewhere in the depths of door hanging/home improvement hell, Max is smiling and thanking his beautiful, amazing, stubborn wife for insisting we spend a weekend making our house pretty :) I mean, isn't that what wives are meant to do?

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