Friday, October 26, 2012

lisa's faq.

Hi friends- more specifically, Lisa :)

So, I know there are a few of you out there that have been seeking some tips on using photoshop to create things like digital scrapbook pages, invitations, collages, adding text to your images, etc.

For about 2.5 seconds I actually thought about doing a step-by-step guide to how I create pages like this one....

IPPL Takes on NYC

20 January 2012- IPPL1

or this one.... IPPL Takes on NYC

20 January 2012- IPPL2

But then I realised that so much of what I do is trial and error that I wasn't sure my step-by-step guide would actually be any help to you AT ALL!

That being said, I do have a few links to share that might help you learn some tips and tricks for creating collages, scrapbook pages, invitations, etc that I have found helpful.

First of all, I follow the Shabby Shoppe Blog that has tons of good tips, free page layouts and templates, step-by-step tutorials for beginners and lots of FREE digital kits. Being the cheap person that I am, you might notice that almost all of the paper and images I use are from here because they were free... and super cute as well! I would highly recommend starting with these free kits if you aren't sure you are really interested in making your own pages (because it is very time consuming!) and then buying other kits as you get more interested.

Two other things I did when I first started was:

A) search for photoshop elements tutorials on YouTube. I would search for photography editing tips as well as layering and scrapbooking tips. Once you learn the basics it is pretty easy to create all different kinds of things. I also found watching videos to be more helpful than reading tutorials. Just my preference of course!

B) purchase a "Photoshop Elements for Dummies" book. While I did use this a bit at the beginning, I never really look at it anymore because most everything you will never want to know can be found for free just by simply searching on Google. However, it is good to use a reference for those things you just need a quick reminder on...

And on that note, here are a few other pages I have created over the last few weeks- in no particular order at all.

Aaron's Surprise 40th

24 March 2012- Aaron1

24 March 2012- Aaron2

Ryan and Ciara's Beach Wedding

14 January 2012- R&C Wedding

International Women's Day

11 March 2012- IWD1

11 March 2012- IWD2

The Great Shed Clean Out of 2012

7 January 2012- shed clean1

7 January 2012- shed clean2

and Emma's Greatest Shave!

17 March 2012- Emma1

17 March 2012- Emma2

Well- I am not sure if any of this was actually helpful... but I hope it has at least given you some inspiration and links to places where you can find some free stuff :)


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  1. Thanks!!! :D

    I have the photoshop for dummies book already, which helped a TON when I first got the program. But like you said I think watching videos might be more helpful. I also know I don't want to spend money so I really appreciate the links for FREE stuff and templates are super helpful.

    Maybe this will motivate me to finally make our honeymoon scrapbook?! (3+ years and counting...don't hold your breath!)

    Thanks again!!


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