Monday, October 1, 2012

lachlan's little space.

Here it is! A peak inside Lachlan's vintage surf themed nursery. I had lots and lots of ideas- some of which made it in to his little room... and others that didn't.  I still have some fun vintage surf signs that I want to use somewhere, but I just ran out of room! Maybe they will make an appearance later :)

I am pretty happy with how it turned out and I hope you like it too!

1 October 2012- nursery022

1 October 2012- nursery010

1 October 2012- nursery023

Woody & Surfboard Wall Hooks- Florida Gifts

1 October 2012- nursery018

Coastal Crib Bedding (skirt, bumper and changing pad cover)- Carousel Designs

1 October 2012- nursery001

Summer Oak Cot Bed- Mothercare

1 October 2012- nursery020

1 October 2012- nursery008

1 October 2012- nursery005

1 October 2012- nursery019

1 October 2012- nursery009

1 October 2012- nursery012

1 October 2012- nursery011

1 October 2012- nursery002

1 October 2012- nursery017

Diva Glider- Mothercare

1 October 2012- nursery014

Surfboard Blanket- handmade by my bestie, Evan :)

1 October 2012- nursery013

1 October 2012- nursery003

Australian Beaches sign and pillow- Target

1 October 2012- nursery021

Hemnes Dresser, Bookshelf and Side table- IKEA!!! (Max just loved this, haha)

1 October 2012- nursery016

1 October 2012- nursery007

Vintage coffee and tea tins- a random thrift shop Max and I found on one of our adventures :)

1 October 2012- nursery004

1 October 2012- nursery006

1 October 2012- nursery015

Name blocks and matching bunting- made by me! I'm happy to make them for anyone looking for something unique and handmade for their nursery :)

Thank you sooo much to everyone who has gotten us, made us and sent us things for Lachlan and his nursery. I wasn't able to show everything here but please know we have gotten everything and can't wait for his arrival so that we can wrap him in the love you have sent from all around the world. We are truly blessed!!


  1. Very, very cute! I like the bunting instead if curtains.

    1. Thanks! It is a really small room so I was trying to think of something that wouldn't make it feel even smaller. I'm happy with how it turned out so far :)

  2. You are so very clever Michelle! This nursery is wonderful - can I live with you guys haha

    1. Of course you can come live with us :) I already know Lachlan is going to love his Aussie Auntie Alyce!

  3. I love it! You are such a great decorator, and so crafty!

    1. Thank you Carrie! Maybe you can come see it in person in February??? Hehe xoxo


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