Friday, September 14, 2012

world traveller.

(yes, Australians spell traveller with two L's.... still getting use to that one!)

This is Sarah. Isn't she purrrdy!

  8 September 2012- southbank013

I met Sarah back in college about... oh... 8 years ago (WHAT?! Has is really been that long??). She and my best friend, Ginny, were in the same sorority and over the years we have become great friends too.

I love Sarah for so many reasons but mainly because she is just so darn real! She is honest and kind and fun and spontaneous. She is always up for anything and doesn't let what other people think hold her back. She dances like no one is watching and takes every single opportunity that presents its self. She is not only the life of the party- but brings that party with her wherever she goes! I seriously love this girl and was so happy when she said she was coming to visit.

Last January, Sarah and her friend Amanda decided to pick up their lives and go travel the world. Their original plan consisted of a month in Asia, a month in Australia and a month in New Zealand.  Sounds amazing right!?! But of course, as soon as they arrived in Thailand they realised a month in each place just wasn't going to cut it. After five months in Asia they finally arrive here in Australia where they plan to spend the next several months travelling this continent in their van, Barbra :)

8 September 2012- southbank018

Since their intended three month trip has now turned into something much longer, Sarah decided to fly back to Florida for a few weeks to meet her new twin nieces and Ginny's baby Tillman (sooo jealous!). So on her way back to Florida, she stopped in Brisbane for a few days to rub my big ol' baby belly :)

On Saturday I took her down to South Bank so that she could see a little bit of Brisbane.
   8 September 2012- southbank012

It was one of the first real, warm, almost summer weekends of the season so there were people everywhere.

8 September 2012- southbank019

It was also the first day of the annual Brisbane festival so we got to check out a few of the new pieces of artwork around the area.

8 September 2012- southbank017

We decided this mirrored ball was the equivalent of the Bean in Chicago.

8 September 2012- southbank015

8 September 2012- southbank014

8 September 2012- southbank016

Now, there is this dessert place in South Bank that I have been DYING to try since I first saw it 3 years ago.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.

The line is always out the door and wrapped around the corner and I have a husband who doesn't really like sweets (crazy man!) so I just haven't had the chance to try it yet.

8 September 2012- southbank025

That is until Sarah came to town!

Of course, it started with something like this- "Ohhh, let's go look in this chocolate shop... I have always wanted to see what it is like in there."

8 September 2012- southbank020

Which quickly led to, "Well, we should probably try something because the line isn't that long right now and it smells sooo good!"

Which then led to, "Alright, we will just get something small and share it."

8 September 2012- southbank021

Which naturally led to, "But what should we pick? It all looks so good!"

And before we knew it, we were ordering two huge desserts to share because, "you are on vacation and I am pregnant and WE DESERVE THIS." hahaha.... female logic at its best!

8 September 2012- southbank022

8 September 2012- southbank024

8 September 2012- southbank023

One tutti-fruity chocolate covered waffle and giant ice cream sunday with chocolate covered waffle balls later....

8 September 2012- southbank026

We couldn't believe we actually finished both dishes (in record time too!). But honestly, it was one of the best things I have ever had and I have been day dreaming about that chocolate covered waffle with ice cream and strawberries ever since!

We spent the rest of the night in a sugar induced coma at our house talking about life and futures and travelling and babies. It was amazing and fun and just what I needed! A little piece of home right here in Brisbane :)

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