Tuesday, September 25, 2012

whales and sharks and sunsets... oh my.

This weekend was full and busy and great! On Saturday my amazing friends threw me a beautiful baby shower in honour of baby Lachlan. I didn't get any pictures myself, but my wonderful friend Alyce took a bunch and as soon as I get them from her I will be sure to share them with you!

It was a western theme that included games, great food and wonderful company.  I can't wait to share it with you guys!


On Sunday we got up bright and early for another trip up the beach to Double Island Point (my favourite place!). It was the first weekend of the school holidays so the beaches and camping areas were much more crowded than two weeks ago when we came here with Sarah.

23 September 2012- double island004

The weather was PERFECT and everyone was out in full force!!!

23 September 2012- double island000

I actually love coming here when it is crowded because there is always so much to look at. We love checking out everyone's camping setups as we cruise up to the point.... made me really wish we were camping too!

23 September 2012- double island001

Of course, Max and Byron's favourite part of a crowded beach is watching other people get bogged (stuck in the sand) and helping pull them out.

23 September 2012- double island003

23 September 2012- double island002

Once we arrived at Double Island, I cooled my swollen feet off in the cool ocean. Ahhh... it was great!

23 September 2012- double island005

We set up camp, had a picnic lunch....

23 September 2012- double island006

saw a WHALE, relaxed in the sun, strolled the beach....

23 September 2012- double island007

And I even went for my first swim of the season!

It was my first time back in the water since the incident back in April and I have to admit that I was a little scared. The waves were TINY but that feeling of panic snuck in as I tried to slowly move my 8.5 month pregnant body through the water (don't worry people- it wasn't dangerous and I was very careful not to do anything crazy). After about 5 mintues I had my sea legs back and it felt so good to be back in the water after so long. Man, I just love summer!!!!

23 September 2012- double island008

After a few hours of relaxing, we packed up shop and headed back down the beach towards home. About half way back down the beach we ran in to this crowd of people and just had to stop to see what was going on.

23 September 2012- double island012

THIS is what was going on!!! 

23 September 2012- double island009

Yes, these guys caught this shark fishing OFF THE BEACH!!!

23 September 2012- double island014

Apparently it was the second one they had caught that day... which is exactly why I only swim up at Double Island.  I mean, this is Australia for goodness sake!

23 September 2012- double island010

After the line was cut and the hook was out, this huge fish was released back in to the ocean and met up with his shark family to tell them all about the his afternoon as celebrity to all these crazy humans (or at least that is how I think it went....).

23 September 2012- double island011

Thinking about it now, this might have been our last trip out to Double Island before Lachlan arrives. Since it takes a few hours to get here, is accessible only by beach in a 4-wheel drive and is basically located in the middle of nowhere, I am not sure how much later in pregnancy I will be able to be so remote.

23 September 2012- double island013

But then again, there are always helicopters :) Only kidding.... or am I??? hehe....


  1. Eeek! The only time I am okay seeing sharks that big is when I am safely in a boat, going AWAY from them!


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