Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the walk.

On the last day of our trip we ventured out to Coogee Beach to meet up with Scott and Andrew for a Father's Day breakfast. I have to say that if I had the choice to live somewhere in Sydney, Coogee would defiantly at the top of the list!

2 September 2012- Sydney000

It is the perfect little beach town just 20 minutes from the city. While it attracts a fair amount of tourists, the small feel makes it that much better than its near by neighbour, Bondi Beach. Yep- it's beautiful!

2 September 2012- Sydney001

If you ever find yourself in Sydney, the one thing that I would recommend you MUST do is the Bondi to Coogee walk.

2 September 2012- Sydney002

This walk is a unique path that runs along the beach front cliffs between Bondi and Coogee Beach.  It is used equally by both locals and tourists as a sight seeing experience and a great path for exercising.
2 September 2012- Sydney003

It is about 6 km long (3.7 miles for you American readers) and takes about two hours to walk from one end to the other. Jenna and I did this walk on our second or third day in Australia and I couldn't wait to show Max. 

There are tons of little beaches, inlets, pools and cemeteries (??) along the route. Talk about a beach front resting place.  It doesn't get much better than this!

2 September 2012- Sydney004

I have written about these ocean rock pools before from our Christmas trip of Coffs Harbour last year, but they are all over the Bondi to Coogee walk!

2 September 2012- Sydney005

In fact, not too long ago a very large, dead humpback whale washed up into one of these pools in Sydney and closed the beaches for a few days while they tried to figure out what to do with it.

2 September 2012- Sydney006

2 September 2012- Sydney008

Scott and Andrew walked with us to the half way point (Bronte) where we stop for a cold drink before finishing the rest of the walk.
2 September 2012- Sydney009

2 September 2012- Sydney019

2 September 2012- Sydney010

Keeping in mind that is still technically winter here, there were a surprisingly large amount of people swimming in the pools and ocean.

2 September 2012- Sydney007

2 September 2012- Sydney011

2 September 2012- Sydney013

2 September 2012- Sydney012

2 September 2012- Sydney014

Bonid Beach!

2 September 2012- Sydney015

The last time I was here it was the middle of summer and this place was crawling with people! I was also much skinner.... and blonder... and younger... sigh...

2 September 2012- Sydney016

[Another pool- love these!]

2 September 2012- Sydney017

Once we arrived at Bondi, we were completely worn out. While the walk is really, really beautiful- it is full of steps and hills and this 31 week pregnant lady's feet, back, stomach, head, toes.... well, everything was sore!

2 September 2012- Sydney020

After a bus ride back to the city, cab ride to the airport and flight back to Brisbane, we arrived home tired and happy.

2 September 2012- Sydney018

After three full days of walking and exploring Sydney- we were BUGGERED! While it might not have been the most relaxing, take-it-easy-you-are-pregnant kind of holiday, we had the best time celebrating our two year anniversary, Father's Day and our last vacation before the baby gets here.

So happy anniversary to my crazy husband.... again :) Next year it will be your turn!

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